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  1. About to repurpose/modify a MiniATX power supply as a Power supply for the mount and all the cameras, dew heaters, RPi etc.. I will be taking photos as I go along and posing on the DIY projects threads on here when I am done. I think this will go well with the RPi mounted on the mount rather than the scope
  2. Better range?. When I get the wifi dongle i think I will switch back.
  3. Thanks.. I was thinking of putting a RPi on each of my two mounts and letting them live there rather than moving them with the scopes. I think I will do this and I can see how this would help stability of the signal if the RPi isn't moving
  4. Thanks.. I have done this and forced 2.4GHz, I think it has helped.
  5. Thanks Steve Brilliant! Straight into the shopping basket
  6. I have a powered USB3 hub, I'll give that a go
  7. Thanks for this... I also had multiple networks due to powerline boosters, I have fixed that and changed all the boosters to clone my main network and I think it has helped a little. I now have one home network and the RPi astroberry hotspot as the only options.
  8. I am using the USB3 ports for my cameras. The connection/wifi priorities seem to have sorted themselves out, I connected via ethernet and then it just seemed to stop prioritising its own hotspot . I am rapidly coming to the conclusion many of you have suggested... stronger wifi, maybe a dongle
  9. Thanks for all the comments. I was thinking RPi wifi strength may be an issue. I actually have the RPi in a plastic case so the case shouldn't be the problem in particular. There have been developments however. It seems like the RPi keeps disconnecting from my home wifi and choosing its own hotspot connection as a priority in spite of the connection priorities I set up in the settings. I even removed my home wifi as an option and set it up again from scratch ensuring it had a higher higher priority than the Astroberry hotspot, but it still disconnected from my home wifi after a few m
  10. Hi everyone. I have had a look around the forums and see some similar issues but not the specific one I am having. When I connect my RPi to my home network and connect to Astroberry using VNC the connection drops regularly (approx. every 5 mins), "server disconnected remotely" (or something similar) it says and eventually won't seem to reconnect at all. I don't tend to have the same issue when I connect to the Astroberry hotspot but I don't want to always have to be that close to the RPi (which sits on my telescope tube) and would like access to the internet while controlling the sco
  11. Cheers for this.. I will take 12 degrees of cooling. I have been using APT (thats where I got those darks) and it also reports the sensor temp. I am currently running KStars/EKOS on a dedicated RPi which means that I have everything remote without the need to hook a laptop up. I will likely just run it on max and take whatever cooling I get from it, especially with summer on the way.
  12. Finally built a peltier cooler for the canon 600D. Credit goes to Martin Pyott for the originl design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVrTpCn1MhA&list=WL&index=1 I had to modify the design slightly due to the aluminium plate snapping and a comedy of errors on my part, such as not being patient enough in drilling the copper plate and snapping a drill bit in the hole.... all learning experiences. I was going to invest in a dedicated OSC astro camera but this will allow me to get a bit more milage out the old faithful DSLR. I have attached photos of the finished project and Dar
  13. Hi Guys..... I think an update is in order. I had a rain free day today and so managed to have another look at this. I fired it all up and everything ran like clockwork. The only thing I did differently was when I pressed connect I made sure I turned on tracking in the INDI control panel and I manually scanned and connected the USB ports in the INDI control panel before I closed it. I also used a different 12V power supply just in case that was an issue. Maybe it was the astrophotography gremlins the other day, afterall it was a clear night and I had a chance of getting so
  14. I think I also read somewhere that the baud rate could affect the operation of the mount.. its currently set to 9600, could I have read that it should be set to 115200. Apologies if my questions are obvious it's not (yet) a specialist subject.... v. new to controlling with a RPi
  15. Agreed, if it isn't raining this weekend I'm gonna give it a go to see if I can get to the bottom of it. I have just logged into Astroberry and turned on the mount logs in preparation. Thanks mate... lets see how it goes.
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