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  1. TheMarquis

    The Moon

  2. Hey Waz, I'm not far from Waterloo... x
  3. Thanks!! I hope it's a good start to astrophotography and not a random fluke lol, we shall see x
  4. I just wanted to say hi from a newbie in London looking to meet awesome people, help further my skills in Astrophotography and knowledge of the night sky. So... Hello Below is my first ever attempt at taking a photograph of the Moon (except for when I was a kid with my little 35m lol). I took the photo by holding my Nikon 1 up to the eye piece of a telescope (the only info I have on the telescope is that it was a Meade, yes extremely amateur but I was only giving it a try). It's a few years old but after a chance meeting with fellow member, my desire to take photos of the sky has rekindle
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