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  1. I have the 34 and 24mm SWA and I think there fantastic value.
  2. You can't go wrong. I had one and then bought a Moonlite ,tbh ,the Moonlite is not really that much better....it is ,but not cost wise .
  3. I'm sure you will have great fun with it, Enjoy .
  4. I think you'd be better off buying a Nagler for the same cost.
  5. Finish line Teflon grease is great .I use it aswell.
  6. Use the focuser a bit and see if the large knob action gets easier.
  7. Skywatcher Heritage, Top Ten Telescopes from Green Witch
  8. The 1st and 3rd focusers are the same ,the 3rd focuser has the dual speed knob. The Skywatcher one should not be considered compared to the other 2.
  9. Green Laser Flashlight, Pointer, Pen, Module, Keychain, Green Laser Stage Lighting on Sale - DealExtreme I've bough 2x 50mw and a 100mw laser from DX .All are still working perfectly ,but I bought the "true" versions. The freepost time sucks so I would get thye EMS postage if you need them soon.
  10. For your budget it would be good if you could get a 150mm dob,but the Heritage scope would also be a good buy.
  11. You can get an ''Argo Navis " system ,but it is really expensive but best. or ,You can buy a platform ,theres one on Ebay UK at the moment ,but it's £500.
  12. ^^ Grab the popcorn and settle in lads...this looks like a good one .
  13. 1st. Is this the widest fov Ep that you use ? . If it is, then it could be that your scope is now out of alignment (collimation) ,and you are seing vignetting with the top of the tube . ????. 2nd. Have dropped or impacted the Ep ?.
  14. If they are anything like the council here in Tramore /Waterford Ireland ,it's lucky you got them to do anything at all .
  15. Great tool. Thanks. I'm not sure I like my scope's discription though ''BIG FAT LIGHT BUCKET'' , I'de consider it '' PLEASENTLY PLUMP'' . .
  16. I'm building a 14.7" dob at the moment.There's another mont or so to go ...I hope .
  17. Great job Steve. Peltiers are great littlt gadgets to play with. Heres a great guide for anybody intrested on peltier cooling (it's for pc's but the principles are universal), Nols tec guide, NoL's TEC Guide: Guide 1 Basic Principles of TEC's - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net
  18. Before I'de even consider paying £70 for a weight I would try cast one from lead ,pouring it into a tin (catering size coffee tin ,etc) and then drilling an appropriate size centre hole and tapping it with a securing screw. I have seen lots of succesfull weights for scopes using this method.
  19. Heres the link, Explore Scientific 14mm Ethos 13mm English
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