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  1. Hi guys. I registered here some time ago, but my activity is not big (let say), so welcome one more time. I have some problem with the Occult software: since some time after starting the program there was some alert displaying, that my AsteroidElements.dat file is too old. There is some instruction how to update it, but when I tried to follow it, it occurred, that the new version of the file looks different, than the old one. In addition during installing the software from the beginning (in hope, that this will update the file automatically, unfortunately it didn't) I have moved the old version of the file to the trash and removed it permamently. So I can't for example take the new version of file (which I can download from here: https://asteroid.lowell.edu/main/astorb) and change it to the old version with gawk software or in other way. And now, when I start the program, then some error message is displaying: After clicking "Continue" it looks like it works normal: if I choose eg. to check Jupiter occultations and choose some date, then I can see the map, but if I try to save it, then another error is displaying: And I can't do anything. I have also noticed, that the interface, where I can choose an object to check occultations is empty (apart from planets): Additionally it claims also, that I have no another file: My problem is, that I have an old computer, with Windows XP, and a new Occult 4.6 is for 64-bit machines, so I can't install it on my computer. And I have a question: is there someone, who use the old version of Occult software and can share this file through some website, because it is too big to send it? Thank you for your help.
  2. There is no reason to be afraid. The Moon definitely will not obscure such bright planets.
  3. majer

    Up There

    Some time ago I've seen a short movie, where there was a Solar System scale described, using a jet, flying with 1000 km/h speed. And with this jet one can fly around the Earth within 40 hours, but to fly around the Sun, one will need over half a year, and a journey from the Earth to the Sun would last over 17 years. My calculator says, that a journey to the nearest star with such a speed will last over 4.6 million years. The fastest manmade thing so far is the Voyager 1 spacecraft, which is moving with a speed of 17 km/s. And its hypothetic journey to the nearest star would take almost 76000 years.
  4. majer

    Hello from majer

    Thanks for warm welcome Recently I read this, and it's a bit about me So, my first question is: is here posiibility to edit old posts? I know, that my nick is read in a different way in English and in Polish language, so maybe I should put here that it should be pronounce with "a" like Adam, and "y" in the middle rather, than with "j" like in "Jack" for example. And this is my old nickname from primary school.
  5. majer

    Hello from majer

    Hello everyone! I''m new in England (I'm from Poland), but I'm interested in astronomy for a quite long time already (especially, what is happen in the sky, but not only) . I'm not a type of talker, so my activity won't be very intensive, but I'm here to practise English as well, so every correction is welcome.
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