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  1. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions... I'll definitely grab a copy of that book and have a read. In the meantime, I'll take a look at an EQ5 mount and decide on the telescope from there. I've already got 600mm of reach from my longest lens and that's great for moon shots but not much else. Best wishes, Si
  2. Hi Peter, I'd looked at that link you've posted before and it's certainly one I'd been considering. It's at the absolute maximum end of my budget (and it'd have to be sneaked past the Chief of Domestic Staff) so I've also been considering secondhand equipment too. Thanks, Si
  3. Thanks Stu. I'd already considered the 130PDS and I'd looked at an EQ5 GOTO mount. Unfortunately, that's going to push my budget so I guess I should consider the 130PDS and a EQ3 GOTO if push comes to shove? I thought the photography market was hard enough to figure out (even with my experience) but this astronomy business is seriously taxing my abilities to understand where I should be starting. I've read that really good article on here about what to expect and I kinda realise that I'm setting myself up for a big fall at first. I understand that things will improve with time and I'm not expecting Hubble quality images but I'd like to be able to set everything up and try for some of these absolutely stunning images I've been seeing. Each time I put a wide, fast lens on my camera and photograph the Milky Way, I'm absolutely in awe of what I'm seeing. Thanks, Si
  4. Hi Folks, This is my first post to the forum and I'm in need of some help... A friend of mine has recently decided to get into astronomy (specifically astro-photography) and he seems to have sucked me in along with him! I've been a photographer for the past 30-odd years and I've also been toying with the idea of trying astro-photography. My problem is that I'm very picky about my images and expect them to be of good quality. With this in mind, I'm struggling to decide on what to put my cash in to because I know what I'm like and poor quality (unsharp) images will have me infuriated in no time. I have a four year old daughter that I'd like to introduce to astronomy so whatever I buy is going to have to produce results that would keep her interested. To be frank, lots of white dots in the sky won't hold her interest (or mine) for more than five seconds as you'd expect. I've been doing a lot of reading and whilst some of the information has sunk in, an awful lot seems to have gone in and come straight back out again! So far, I've narrowed down my list of gear to the following: Skywatcher Explorer 150P-DS with the EQ3 Pro GOTO mount (assuming that it'll guide correctly). Skywatcher SWA 70 degree 5mm eyepiece. ToupTek Colour Imaging and Guide Camera Collimating Eyepiece I've already got Stellarium running on my PC and Mac so I'm sorted for guiding software and I know I'm going to need a focussing disc and a few other bits (dew shield) etc. So in short, will the gear listed above be good enough with practice to allow me to take good quality photographs of planets, nebulae and galaxies or am I better off hanging fire for a bit and saving up for better equipment. I'd hoped to purchase the equipment sooner rather than later so that I can spend the summer getting to know it properly before the long nights arrive again. Unfortunately, I won't have somewhere at home to leave everything set up all of the time (my one-year-old will see to that) so whatever I buy has to be reasonably easy to put up and take down again. If there's anything you folks think I need to add or change, please feel free to let me know... I'll understand any eye-rolling that occurs given that I'm guilty of it myself in photographic circles! I can't afford to plough thousands into this and my original budget has already doubled. On a positive note, I live in mid-Wales so access to dark skies isn't an issue. Thanks in advance for your help, Si
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