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  1. Perfect, and now I know what to get the misses for Mothers Day! Thx
  2. Camping this weekend and want to get up early to do some pre-dawn observing. I have a big reflector, can I just throw a plastic tarp over it at night so it will be ready to go in the pre-dawn? Dew will be heavy. Don
  3. Thanks Peter and Craig. I will move the primary closer to the secondary and see how it works. I can always undo it and get a low profile focuser if I don't like the results. I think it will work though, this scope has a 76 mm secondary mirror minor axis and IF I've done the math right I should be able to move the primary mirror 26 mm closer and still be ok. 332 mm aperture / 1500 mm focal length = .221 per mm Old focuser to the secondary mirror minimum is 267 mm from the center of the mirror. + 38 mm (for the leading edge of the diagonal secondary) = 305 x .221 = 67.4 mm light cone width at the secondary. New focuser to the secondary mirror minimum is going to be 293 mm from the center of the mirror. And adding 38 mm for the leading edge of the diagonal secondary = 331 x .221 = 73 mm (light cone width at the secondary) But I really have no knowledge of telescope design fundamentals so my math is probably fubar? Thanks again, Don
  4. Picked up an old Colter 13" reflector for $50.00. Cleaned up real well and have had a lot of fun with it over the last year. Bought a new used 2" Zhumell focuser for it, got it mounted and learned I should have gotten a low profile focuser. (insert head smacking smiley) Focuser is too tall by about an inch (25mm). I'm not real keen on how the primary mirror adjusts for calibration anyway on this cheap telescope. If I remounted the primary mirror say 1 1/2" closer to the secondary mirror would this new focuser then work properly. Thanks. ....Don
  5. Post any sightings please and how far south you are. Thanks. .....Don
  6. Noticed through binoculars last night that Antares looked like it had blinking red and green landing lights it was pulsating so much, anybody else happen to see it? Don
  7. Truly excellent photos. Those are exactly how it looked for us in central Missouri. Did you capture any with Venus, Mercury or Mars in the same shot, they were really cool looking. Thanks. ....Don
  8. Cool, good insights, thanks. I see where I can do winter evenings and pre-dawn mornings easily enough, the wife already thinks I'm crazy. Thanks all for the warm welcome, wonderful site. ...Don
  9. Long time lurker, hello all Got the bug bad. In theory I love astronomy, BUT I also like to sleep at night, 10 o'clock being a late night. Before I spend thousands of dollars, do you have to be a dedicated night owl to really enjoy the hobby? Thanks....Don
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