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  1. Hi everyone. So I'm looking to do some form of mosaic over the weekend. Is it better to stack in mosaic mode in DSS or merge in photoshop? And is there any other advice for me as this is mainly a learning evening for me so any tips would help. Also do I need just 1 set of calibration frames or a set for each part of the mosaic. Thanks, Paul.
  2. Hi Sub Dwarf, Any reason for this? I'm still learning at the min.
  3. Hi all, First time using the 183c. Just looking to get some feedback. Is it better to leave the fan on (Possible vibration) or have it off while imaging? Just wondered whats peoples thought were as this is my first astro camera with a fan. Paul.
  4. Perfect. I can't thank you enough for your help.
  5. Thanks Prusling, that's my intention to be honest. Its just to get me in the ball park area so im not messing around with settings in the cold and dark when I could be getting images. Does that grey output from the bias look normal to you then? I thought a bias was supposed to be dark? thats with a shutter of 0.000264s (fastest camera will go)
  6. And with a gain of 400 and black level of 40, a bias frame come out like this in fits liberator..
  7. So what is everyones thoughts? Does a 400 gain seem the right ball park or am I reading it wrong? Cheers.
  8. I'm using Astrophotography Tool via Ascom. It's the ascom dialog box that opens when connecting camera that has the gain as a multiplication rather than a percentage. Thanks so much for your help prusling, you have taught me alot.
  9. I download fits liberator last night but that's was also showing the bias as a fuzzy grey image. The exposure was confirmed as 0.0001s in the meta data tab. I also see alot of people saying set gain to 50 or 60% or to 300 or 400 but my gain control works as a multiplication ranging from 1x to 50x. How does that translate to what everyone else is using? As in what percentage is the same as the X that I'm getting.
  10. Yes they are saved as fits. I'm sure it's just the software showing me a "preview" that is stretched. Is there a program that I can load the fits file up without any stretching? Just the base image? I've been doing this in deep sky stacker for the time being.
  11. Update on the grey bias frames... They appear as grey and fuzzy in Astrophotography Tool but when I open the file in say deep sky stacker its black and looking normal. Any ideas?
  12. So setting my offset to 45 gives me an average of 750 when taking a bias frame. I am having problems setting the gain though. I've got it as low as posse but everything still comes out at max exposure, even at just a 2 second sub. Also if I set my shutter speed below 0.1 to try and get a bias frame, the end picture is fuzzy grey, like it's been stretched. I'm using Astrophotography Tool.
  13. What gain did you set in ascom for your 183c? Its coming up as a multiplier rather than a number or percentage...
  14. To be fair that's the same as my thinking. I just want to get it into the right area before sitting outside in the dark trying to sort it.
  15. Thanks for that, it's slowly making more sence. ? What I can do is complete the sharp cap sensor analysis tonight and put a screen shot up. Once I can "see" what is being explained, I can learn from it for the future.
  16. OK I got it... But how does the graph tell me what to put gain and offset at?
  17. Cheers everyone for your advice. What is the name of this function in sharp cap?
  18. Thanks so much for the reply. Il read that page on my next break. When it comes to offset I've heard anywhere between 100 and 1000 is safe. Is that the same with this camera? Also something about taking 2 second frames with the camera pointing at a white wall to set the max gain? Is this something you have heard of? Cheers
  19. Hi all. Just got a hypercam 183c to pair with my sky watcher 10" quattro f4 Newtonian. I have the f4 apalantic coma corrector too. Question is what or how to I set the gain and offset? I've read a few pages but I'm lost. I'm new to dedicated astro cameras moving from my un modded dslr. Any help and tips would be great full with this camera. Cheers.
  20. That's what I thought, if it's balanced it shouldn't make a difference. Im one of these perfectionists that if it could do it before, I want it back to the same standard. I dont want a "it works so it will do" lol. Would anyone be kind enough to try it out on theirs for me? See if it is supposed to lift more than just 6kg?
  21. When you look at the home observatory side yeah lol il had a tinker today and thought I'd see just what weight/pressure it stalls at. so I put 1 of the 6kg counter weights at the end of the weight bar and just started to stall. Bear in mind nothing at the other end. So is this right? Does that sound about right? Cheers everyone.
  22. You would think something that cost over 900 inc a tripod would be problem free... lol Im giving it a go at adjusting using Astro baby's guide today and hope it works.
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