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  1. Thanks everyone. So it is basically a case of the less glass then the less light lost, makes perfect sense. I will give it a try without the diagonal and see what the results are like. However I can get focus with the diagonal and I can swap and change between the ep and camera easily so unless there is a noticeable improvement I'll probably just carry on as I am!
  2. Hello. I have a 127 Mak and an ASI120MC and have been enjoying my first forays into planetary imaging with pleasing results. I just pop the camera into the diagonal in place of the ep and it seems to work fine. Twice now I have been advised not to use the diagonal but to put the camera directly into the visual back. However nobody has told me how or why this would improve my results, which seem to be fine anyway. Can somebody please explain this to a beginner?
  3. When I became interested in astronomy, I knew literally nothing. I knew nobody else who was involved, or even had a telescope. Star maps etc were complete gibberish and the idea of finding anything manually was incredibly daunting. So I got a goto, I know, what a baby!!! I am still learning but now have a dob and an alt/az mount, and hunting and finding is definitely part of the attraction. But just an example of how goto can be a help, especially for newcomers.
  4. Sorry for being nosy but why do you say not to use the camera in the diagonal? I have this camera and I use it in the diagonal and get good results. Would my imaging improve without it?
  5. Welcome. Tennessee eh, excellent position for next year's eclipse, not that I am jealous of course... Also, G'n'R, the last truly great rock n roll band!
  6. Thanks to all for the help. Problem solved, now for clear nights to check the effectiveness!
  7. Hello. I think I under the basic premise of polar alignment after doing alot of Web research, thanks everyone. However my polar scope reticle doesn't look like any I have seen before. I have managed to find some information but it says to place polaris according to the clock position given by the synscan handset. My problem is that I don't have a synscan handset and my question is how can I get this information without one?
  8. Hello, sorry to interrupt but I am near Wrexham and am quite familiar with Bala. Can you suggest a location or two that can be used at night?
  9. I have that mount and a 130p. To be honest I think that it's pretty much at it's weight limit for visual, put a camera on it and you've got no chance. Also, the tracking is neither smooth enough nor accurate enough for dso imaging, I struggled with planets and a webcam for ages, although that could of course be more me than the kit! I've upgraded to an eq mount with tracking and the difference is amazing much more smooth, accurate and reliable. Its only an eq3-2, so only entry level but so much more stable than the synscan goto.
  10. Thanks Stu, that's exactly the kind of information I was after. Looks like I'll be postponing the purchase of a new planetary scope for a few years at least!!!
  11. Ah, Thank you. So the planets will still be visible just that they will be too low to get optimum views. In that case does anyone know roughly when they will be high enough for good viewing in the north?
  12. I have gathered from reading various posts that the planets are only going to be visible from the southern hemisphere for the next few years. Can someone please confirm that I have this correct and possibly tell me what, if anything, will be visible next year and when the planets will be returning to our skies? Thanks
  13. These are a few of my pictures from Monday. I know they are not as good as some that I've seen but I think they are OK considering the clouds that I had to deal with!
  14. Thanks. Hardly any cloud at all between about 5 and 7pm so was able to get a couple of hours in. Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by "AR shot"
  15. Scope was still set up after work so took the chance to get a couple of pics, came out OK considering it was an unplanned session. Skymax127, asi120mc.
  16. Thank you very much for the comprehensive explanation. I have been using the camera in the diagonal, in place of the ep, I'd never even considered using it directly into the ota. You are absolutely right, aperture fever is a terrible thing that really exists! I'd love a C8 but then I'd need a beefier mount aswell. People would then be saying "why not get a 9.25?". I am not exactly loaded and have quite a small house and storage is an issue, so I've got to draw a line somewhere. Maybe if I worked harder I could get a bigger house and scope but then I wouldn't have as much time to use it, it's a catch 22!
  17. I currently use this camera with my Mak127 and a 2x Barlow getting around f/24. I was wondering if I changed scope to a C6 sct, f20 with the same Barlow, would it make a noticeable difference to my imaging to justify the expense?
  18. My only problem with that is I have the aluminium tripod with my Eq3! Also I cannot stretch to the C8, that's why I was asking about the C6, am I likely to be able to tell any difference between the 127Mak and the C6?
  19. I thought so. And it's not just that, it'll be upgrade the camera, eye pieces etc to make the most of a C8. I am on a fairly limited budget and we only have a little house so a huge mount and scope are not really viable.
  20. Currently the eq3-2, I don't want to go up to the heq5/eq6 route cos of cost/size/weight , so the eq5 would be about my limit. I have looked at the C8 but it would need a more substantial mount than I have.
  21. Not really, she is nothing but supportive, she even helped me to buy my first telescope. Although I suspect that this was more to do with getting control of the TV remote than anything else! If I am outside in the cold it means that she can fall asleep on the sofa without me shouting at the football etc, so everyone is happy!
  22. Hi all. I currently have a Mak127, and image with a ASI120MC. I am thinking of buying a celestron c6 because I think it's the biggest I can go without upgrading my mount etc aswell. My question is whether or not it will be a noticeable difference to my Mak to justify the expense? My other thinking was that my imaging would benefit from the focal ratio of f20 (with a 2x Barlow) than the f24ish I currently get. I appreciate your thoughts.
  23. Thanks for the comments everyone. I just thought I'd better get some practice before the transit and was pleased with the result. I used a ASI120MC with skywatcher filters to get the pictures.
  24. Just got a baader filter for my 127Mak and managed these pictures on my 1st afternoon, with a bit of trial and error. I was well chuffed!
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