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  1. Hello. If you don't have any luck selling this mount, would you consider a postal sale. I've been looking for a cg5 GT for a while.
  2. Hello. I will probably echo alot of the replies that you have had so far. I got my first telescope about 1 year ago when I was in pretty much the same situation as yourself. After alot of deliberation I went for the Skywatcher skymax127 which is a maksutov design scope and has alot of fans on this site. I also went for a goto mount because I was such a beginner that I had no idea how to find things in the vastness of space! As it was the scope was an excellent choice and I couldn't recommended it enough for a beginner, big enough to start with but not too big to be daunting. It was definitely enough to get me hooked because I have only just upgraded, so as it happens it's now for sale if you or anyone else is interested! https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/275093-skywatcher-skymax127-synscan-az-goto/
  3. This is still for sale if anyone is looking for a decent beginners set up.
  4. Hello. Do you still have this for sale and would you accept a bank transfer as I dont have a PayPal account? Thanks.
  5. I have decided to sell my telescope and a few accessories. This was bought from FLO around 9 months ago for £360. Includes everything that was supplied with the scope as new, the eyepieces, barlow, diagonal and battery pack have never even been used! Extras included: Baader solar filter, moon filter, mains adaptor and Sir Patrick Moore's 'guide to the night sky'. (Together worth around £50) Everything is in excellent condition throughout apart from the usual dovetail marks and the optics are spotless! Buyer to collect preferably but I can arrange delivery at buyers cost. If it is collected I'll also include a homemade dew shield (laminated cardboard), I don't think it'll survive transit! Cash on collection or bank transfer only please. £275
  6. Ha! I see, I hadn't noticed that. I'm not actually in Wrexham, it's just the closest big town to us.
  7. Well to be fair I thought that satellites was probably the most likely explanation. It's just that I'd only ever seen them as single and didn't even know if they ever came in pairs.
  8. Funnily enough I was observing with my new C6 on Friday. My Mrs is consistently underwhelmed by what I show her through the scope, but Saturn at about 187x mag got an audible gasp and a loud 'wow'. Her reaction was the highlight of the night for me!
  9. I was out observing on Friday 30th July, late night/early Saturday morning in north Wales. I saw 2 unusual points of light, they moved across the sky from north to south, they were moving at exactly the same speed and were a set distance apart. I've seen plenty of satellites and they show up gold/yellow but these were blue/white. They were to far apart to be military aircraft in formation and they certainly weren't civil aircraft. They weren't meteorites either because they were visible for a long time never deviating in speed, brightness or distance from each other. I was wondering if anyone else saw them or if anyone has any possible explanations.
  10. I have the BSTs in 25, 18, 15, 12 and 8mm. I would've gone for the full set but the 5mm would give 300x mag in the C6 and I thought that would be pushing it a bit so it wouldn't get much use. I used the money for a solar filter instead. Saturn was viewed through the 8mm, giving 187x mag and I was very happy with the view, any more and I would've been sacrificing definition for size I think.
  11. After buying a celestron C6 over 6 weeks ago, Friday was the first chance I have had to use it. That's right, 6 full weeks of solid cloud! Strictly speaking it's not new really but second hand from another sgl member, new to me though! I mounted it on an eq 3 which it coped with fine, the tracking was excellent, no problems there although the vibrations when touched were more than I was used to so I do think the mount was close to it's usable weight limit. I certainly wouldn't like to put anything more substantial on it. During the 6 weeks I'd also obtained a set of BSTs so they got first use aswell. What a combination! After only being introduced to astronomy 6 months ago I can safely say that this was my best nights observation by far. My Mrs is consistently underwhelmed by the things I show her through the scope so the highlight of the night for me was showing her Saturn and getting an actual gasp and a loud 'wow'! Suffice to say that I love my new scope (thanks Chris) and my new EP's, and I look forward to many more sessions to come.
  12. The prism isn't necessary for astronomy but for daytime viewing it makes the image the right way up and the right way round. Ive never actually used mine, I bought it just in case!
  13. Thanks everyone, loads of help as usual. My intended use for the C6 was planetary and lunar so I was thinking of moving on the 5mm Bst and getting a decent quality 10mm as my main use planetary ep with the C6. Thats the way I'm leaning at the moment because, well cos thats what I bought it for! I'll stick with what I have for now and will probably decide for definite in time for Christmas!
  14. Hi Chris. I've got a set of BSTs to go with my new scope, thank you very much! I already use the 5mm in my newt but wanted to know if it was worth investing in a 10mm eyepiece of similar quality for the C6 or would any difference be to minor to justify the expense?
  15. Will the f-ratio make a difference to the image or is it not relevant?
  16. I have the Mak127 and have bought some accessories to go with it. A focal reducer, this gives a wider field of view for the larger objects. A solar filter, for white light solar viewing. A erecting prism, for correct image terrestrial viewing. A mains adaptor for the mount. A couple of better quality eyepieces. And I have a homemade dew shield (laminated cardboard)! I have had it nearly 6 months now (from FLO) and have not been disappointed!
  17. Thanks, I was thinking along the lines of the X-cel lx or BSTs, something with a uniform eye relief and fov. I'm only asking with regards to image quality, I don't mind about orientation really.
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. I've been looking online and the maplins cases seem to be more suited to my budget! I'm looking at the "maplins large rugged case", does anyone have any experience of this one?
  19. I am having trouble understanding something which I hope someone can help me with. Imagine I have 2 telescopes... Scope A: 6" reflector, fl 750mm, with a 5mm eyepiece. Scope B: 6" sct, fl 1500mm, with a 10mm eyepiece. Assuming both EPs are the same quality I know that both will have 150x mag so the image will be the same size, but will it be generally similar otherwise? I'm thinking about brightness, contrast etc. Does the focal length matter or do the different EPs cancel that out?
  20. I have recently been fortunate enough to obtain a set of BST starguiders, down to 8mm. They are quite a bit larger than my current eyepieces and so I will be needing a new case. I also have a planetary camera and various other filters and bits and pieces which I would like to be kept in the same case. I was wondering what everyone else has or uses so that I know what to look for. Thanks.
  21. I have exactly the same issue. I received my 15mm BST from 365 yesterday, it's just labelled as 15mm ED aswell and I was a bit concerned. However I have read that these EPs come with various brandings Explorer, starguider, paradigm etc but they are all the same. Anyway, I was lucky enough to have clear skies last night so I gave it an outing and it was amazing, clear and crisp with lovely colour contrast and a much wider fov than I'm used to. All in all very happy with it.
  22. I was looking at the BSTs and Celestron x-cels as possible upgrades to my solid if unspectacular current EPs. I've seen good reports for both and as a beginner thought that they seemed a sensible step up from standard plossls. I had noticed that the largest they did was 25mm in both ranges whereas plossls seem to go to 40. I have been researching afov & tfov online all afternoon. I definitely had it wrong and now think I understand it much better than before. Thanks to everyone here, I now feel a tiny bit more knowledgeable than this morning! Mark.
  23. Thanks for answering, although now I am even more confused. I saw the BST advertised as having a wider fov and assumed this meant you could see more sky with it, but this is not the case? For example, the 32mm is the only eyepiece that I have in which I can see the whole moon or sun. Would this be possible with the 25mm BST?
  24. I use a Skymax 127 and currently have a set of plossls of various sizes and was thinking about upgrading to the BST explorers. I have a 32mn plossl as my wide view piece, my question is whether or not the 25mm BST will have a similar wide view and whether or not the difference is worth the money?
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