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  1. Hi Moon Dust, and welcome to SGL. The guys are great and I'm sure they will help you if they can. They certainly have a lot of help full knowledge for us beginners.
  2. Fruit Bats or (flying fox's) general eat the insect's in the fruit although they have to eat the fruit to get to the insect's. So they will eat any fruit that has any insect lava ....peaches, apples, oranges, kiwifruit, Banana' s, etc. They even eat fruit we do not eat, like the little orange fruit under some palm tree's. I have washed my mirror as the instructed and every thing is back to normal...thanks for your helpful hint. I'll keep it in mind if the problem persist's.
  3. Awesome news ...thank you to every one...even the people that had a laugh. Unfortunately I see this happening a lot ...with the bat colony of hundreds if not a couple thousand less than 1 km away form my house. I'll get right on it.
  4. Ok this is a new problem I encountered last night while looking at Jupiter, while waiting for Saturn. I'm not sure you guys will believe me but here goes...while I was look at Jupiter last night with my scope pointed some where between 60 -70 degrees a Flying Fox (Fruit Bat) flew over me and pee'd down my scope. Now don't laugh, Please. So I put some tissue on a stick and tried to clean it. When I got home from Work today I thought I had better just look and see if it was ok. On that inspection I could see a lot of tiny little black dots and 1 big black dot. The tiny Dots go all across my mirr
  5. I do have Stellarium on my tower (upstairs and inside) and I am just learning how to use it. Really I could just sit and play with it for hours...but I want to see the real things fist. Thanks for the tip though.
  6. No I don't think so Cloud ...well maybe I did, I am not sure. I did see 2 very tiny star like objects that looked like the moons of Jupiter. 1 was close south west and the other was far east and only just fit into my view, I was not sure if they were moons or just other stars very far away. But Now you have perked my interest again in what I did see your didn't see, I'm setting up again tonight to look again. Thanks John that's really good to know about Mars, and I should have thought of it myself ....after all the Planet Documentaries I have watched. Although I have only just got my
  7. Hi guys WOW!! that's awesome Knighty, the difference is really astonishing and I would never have thought to look at the different phase of the moon other than full or near full. I'll try it very soon. I did try my Moon filter and it turn the Moon Blue, very nice to look at but it did not have as much detail as my first night. So to update ...I now have seen Mars (disappointing)...it was very very blurry and apart from being red/orange I really could not see anything at all. So I then turn my attention to Saturn...At first I thought some one had come along and drawn on my mirror ...
  8. Thank you all for your help...after playing with the lens and fitter this afternoon..with your help. I have found the filter only fit's on my 20 mm lens. I'll play with it tonight to see the difference with filter on while I wait for Mars and Saturn to pop up. We have a full Moon tonight and clear sky again wooooot! The Polarizing filters sound interest...I'll just play with what I have at the moment though... but very interesting. Thank you all again Squidie
  9. Hi every one, well the good news is that I got to see Jupiter and 4 of the moons..Awesome!!...after the clouds cleared for a little bit. I do have a question though...I have a moon lens and I figure its for looking at the moon, I saw the moon on this night also and ... WOW the craters. I did not use the moon filter and it was still super clear, what does it actually do and where does it go? I Twisted the lens apart and saw something similar ...but not really the same, do I put in a Barlow lens? because I did and it went straight through like a coin in post it tube. Looking forward to an answer
  10. G'day everyone, I'm Squidie from Brisbane Australia. Today I just bought a 8" Dobson Skyfinder to start my star gazing. I've have only seen the Moon through a Telescope before, when I stole it from my older brother at the age on 10 with out his permission ...lol and I am looking forward to seeing a lot more than just the moon. I am nearly 44 years old now and I just got divorced not long ago so I thought I would Start A hobby I always wanted to do. So here I am. As the weather is bad tonight I was looking on the net to find what the inner cap did on my lens cover and it was your site that told
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