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  1. Thanks, I'll try and get some pics this weekend.
  2. So, one of the tube mounting rings bust off the mount. During my amateur repairs, I had to disassemble a little. I think a spring or some such popped out, never to be seen again. It's the Skywatcher EQ2 mount. Does anyone have any idea of the inner workings of the declination axis so I can work out how to fix it? The tube ring is fixed but the declination control rod won't work because of this (possibly) missing part. I'm going to replace the scope soon anyway, but don't want to pass it on without a working mount, but even worse, at the moment I can't use it!!!
  3. Had a great late evening/night. Just turning in now. One of the tube hoops bust off my mount the other day, wrecking the base plate, so I've got a new one on order. In the meantime I re-drilled it and bodged a fitting so I could make the most of tonight's clear skies. It held up really well! Started off with M57. I've had better views but the pesky neighbours out back have removed their bedroom curtains and keep their lights on FOREVER, which killed it a bit. Still, for a 130 scope, I'm still pretty chuffed with this Skywatcher. With my 15mm eyepiece I could see the shape and the empty patch in the middle. It wasn't overly sharp, but it was visible. I then took in M13 which was a bit of a blob and then M92 which was just on the edge of being able to see some detail. Getting more cross with the neighbours by the minute I opted for an easy target and spent a good 30 minutes on Jupiter which was fabulous. Some clearly defined cloud belts and bright sharp moons. My 5mm eyepiece is a bit pants, so at the higher mag it could have been better. No matter! I spotted a fine meteor travelling North west that burned out iridescent light blue just passing to top of Böotes. That was spectacular! I then tried M101 and M102. I could locate them, just, with my binoculars but totally failed with the scope. The battery was dead on the finder, which is crap anyway, so that really didn't help. So then I packed up as its work tomorrow and guess what? After carrying all the gear inside and retuning to lock the door, I could see that the neighbours had just turned their lights off. Aaaaaaggghhh!!!! Have decided I need new neighbours and a new scope with a go-to mount, either 200mm or 250mm. Hope the rest of you had a good night!
  4. Got all excited to tonight. I'm lucky enough to have dark skies (apart from an **** neighbour who has no curtains and their lights on 24/7 in an upstairs bedroom, but thankfully to the South). Got it with the naked eye. Got it in binoculars. Went to get the scope out and...one of the mounting hoops has broken off the stand!!!! (See pics) As I only spent £45 on this seriously great scope (Skywatcher 130), I risked it with one hoop. It wobbled a bit locating Neowise but wow, it did NOT disappoint!!!! Just breathtaking with my 30mm & 25mm plössls. So happy. Wishing you all luck spotting this beaut!! Attached also is a pointless wobbly pic taken with my phone at the eyepiece. It's green.
  5. So, for various reasons, I didn't get out with the scope last year. Finally got it out again last night for about an hour before the boys went to bed. I still remain impressed with the Skywatcher 130. Can't believe how well it performs. I just hunted down a couple of favourites which, at last, I was able to share with my youngest who's a bit of a space fan. We observered Mars, M31, and M57. I still can't believe what a good view of M57 this instruments gives even though there was quite a bit of light pollution last night. There was a defined ring with a bit of colour. Also took a look at M13, but that wasn't so good, I'm going to need a darker night for that. Looking forward to darker skies and actually getting more use out of this scope! (also still thinking about getting the 200p or 250p as an upgrade too)
  6. Just darker skies would be enough. I didn't observe much beyond 23:30 so I guess staying up later would help too! It would at least get a little higher!
  7. Just wandered outside, plonked the EQ down, stuck in an eye piece, pointed the finder roughly at a low bright thing and hit Saturn. The really jammy bit was that the EQ was perfectly aligned. Easy observing tracking the planet for 30 mins or so. Spoilt by cloud in the end but the Mrs. got her first look at Saturn too. Looking forward to testing the scope out on it when it's a really dark night and the planet is higher in the sky. Should be pretty decent viewing. I'm pretty surprised still by the quality of this little scope. Happy days (or nights)!
  8. I'm going to try this. My neighbor suddenly decided to put up a security light on a motion sensor and every time a cat goes past, my back garden, upstairs landing and bedroom light conversion experience a daylight moment (it's really annoying me and VERY unnecessary where I live).
  9. Hi Barry, Stick at it! I've recently acquired the same scope as you, though second hand and a little bashed up, and have just had some EXCELLENT results. I bought a new 30mm eyepiece off ebay, and a 5mm too. I had great views of Jupiter and could see it's moons and 2 distinct cloud belts. The best detail view was through the 10mm that I got with the scope. The Orion nebula was a pretty sight in March and kept me at the eyepiece for quite a while. Last week I managed to pick out M81, M82 and, surprisingly, M57. The best view of the galaxies were with the 25mm eyepieces and M57 with the 15mm I had bought (it was small, but a good view nonetheless). As long as you get that collimation checked, get outside under clear skies, and let the scope cool down, you should get some great observing. I've had some great advice from the members here, so keep asking. Best of luck, please report back and let us know how you get on! Eddie
  10. Thanks, I'll check that out when I get a moment.
  11. Having recently acquired a Skywatcher 130 for next to nothing (£45!!!!), I've been itching to get fully kitted out and test it on some deep sky objects. For reference, the 25mm and 10mm eyepieces came with the scope which I suspect it a good 5 years old looking at the condition of it, the 30mm, 15mm and 5mm eyepieces are new, is the 2x Celestron Barlow. The focal length of the scope is 900mm. Last night did NOT disappoint. The skies weren't overly dark, but it was clear and there was no cloud. I started hunting for M51. That didn't go so well (not helped by the fact I haven't sorted out the alignment of the red dot finder yet). I ended up looking at, what can be best be described as, something large, faint and fuzzy behind a star. It clearly wasn't M51. I was a little disappointed but the position of the motor drive wasn't conducive to locating anything in that part of the sky anyway. Might take it off. I noticed Vega shining at me from above a neighbours roof, so I thought I'd give M57 a go. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from a 130mm scope but wow. At 30x I could clearly see the small, ring shape between Y & ß, and even a hint of the hole in the centre of the ring. At 60x I could still make out the ring shape and even thought I could see a little colour (I might have been hallucinating with glee at this point though). It wasn't as clear as at the higher magnification but I could clearly sing the hole in the ring. I tried at 90x and lost a little contrast but could still just make out the ring shape. I tried the 15mm eyepiece with the 2x barlow but the results weren't great (obviously) as I lost a lot of contrast. Very happy with the viewing though. I didn't think I'd get anywhere near as much from the scope as I did. Next up were M81 & M82. I was, again, happily surprised by the sight of them both using at 30x. They were a lot brighter than I expected and made a fine pair. Using averted vision, they both had clear shape, M82 being particularly pronounced with one half of one edge being clearly delineated. 36x gave some good viewing. My 25mm eyepiece is obviously not of as high a quality as the 30mm though as the difference in what I observed was way too far off what I was expecting. Still, it was a reasonable view which I was able to enjoy. New 25mm purchase coming up soon FLO (suggestions up to £50 anyone?)! I then totally failed to be able to line up the scope with M13. I really need to sort out that finder. So, the next outing I'll try and get a look at M13 before I do anything else. Overall, as a first outing with the smaller scope in to the world of fuzzies, I'm very happy. I'm especially pleased with the view of M57. I can't wait for some really good dark, clear, skies to see how far I can push it. I also now can't wait to save up and get a 250mm scope, but that's way off at the moment. Replacement 25mm eyepiece first...
  12. Yes, that's the one. Got it from FLO. Bargain bit of equipment.
  13. Thanks, I've just got round to reading that. Really useful. Thanks again everyone for all the advice. I bought the Celestron Barlow and have not been disappointed. I feel like I can see again. I also gave in to temptation and bought a 15mm eyepiece. Happy days.
  14. Excellent information folks, thanks to all of you. I'm going to try the Celestron barlow from GSO to replace that manky object I have. Particularly the night before last. I managed to get some really good magnification, the air was still and I saw a fabulously large disc with distinct cloud belts. VERY happy. Jupiter has been pretty amazing all round with what I've got (until I try to use that manky barlow!). I haven't made it galaxy hunting yet as every time I get the scope out the kids are commandeering it to look at jupiter and the moon again. Hopefully with the longer nights, they'll be sound asleep by the time it's outside and I can get some peace
  15. Mine too. I think the scope would receive a sledgehammer too if I tried to pull that stunt!
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