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  1. I use Astrophotography Tools and currently have a Skywatcher motor focuser fitted to a crayford attached to the back of my 9.25" SCT, I am looking to upgrade this by fitting either a ZWO EFA focuser or a Celestron focuser directly to the OTA removing the Crayford. The attraction of the ZWO given it can be supplied with a hand controller (I am using an HEQ5 pro mount) whereas the Celestron is designed to work only with a Celestron mount hand control. I wondered whether anyone has experience using the Celestron focuser with APT? given it is the one specifically designed for my SCT and
  2. I have had an Evolution AltAZ since 2015, and for the last couple of years its internal battery struggles to hold charge so is supplemented with an external lithium Iron battery and functions normally as long as the internal one is charged, if not its slewing is erratic and at time uncontrolled. Has anyone either fitted a new battery or even removed it to rely on an external power source only? Luckily I only use this mount for outreach events and visual imaging with my main OTA now sitting on an HEQ5 pro, it would be nice to get the EVO back to more normal operation.
  3. I have been using APT for some time now and connect my HEQ5 via a Serial to USB cable to my laptop without issue, I have now changed my laptop to a significantly higher specified model and have just completed working through the multitude of installations including APT. Everything is fine other than the software / PC's refusal to see the mount, informing me that "No driver was found for the serial to USB connector" it consequently sees no "com port" in the Ascom connection menu, thoughts. The options I see unless anyone can flag up the source of a driver is to connect via my WiFi don
  4. Anyone out there replaced the Motherboard on an Orion GoTO truss tobe Dobsonian, our Societys 16" started giving error messages stating it could not connect to either axis, we ordered and replaced the Motherboard which promptly "burnt" out, we are seeking a repair (believe this is basically a re-branded Skywatcher) any advise or help greatly appreciated.
  5. I would like to know what the subtle signs are this handset shows the issue on multiple mounts of various types whilst existing version three handsets work perfectly on all of them (as does another newer version 4, I opened it up cleaned the connectors and visually checked the board (no obvious issues) without any improvement.
  6. All this would be great if they lasted 10 years, mine has been playing up for the lst 12 months and now only gives about 2 hours use, I have also found its not straight forward to use an eternal power supply, I wish the promised replacements and instruction video were available now, the response I got was £these items cannot be fitted by the customer and require fitting by a technician (for which the UK agent will charge a pretty penny!...
  7. Just bought a non-synscan motorised HEQ5 primarily for the 10" Newtonian that came with it but would nonetheless like to use the mount if possible, I applied power at 12 volt and got lights on the simple handset but no response from the mount (other than a faint buzz), suddenly thought "is it 12 volt" as I know some of the EQ5 mounts were 6 volt, advise appreciated, think the mount might need the lub clearing out as it feels a bit tight (relative to the HEQ5 pro I have in my Obsy, which is 12volt) Wally Newtonian_01.TIF
  8. David Ettie

    Dave Ettie Astro

    Various Lunar and Planetary 2016 Jupiter0205160018 22-38-30_pipp_AS_RS6.tif _DSC0061.TIF
  9. David Ettie

    My Sky 2016

    Various Planets late Spring 2016
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