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  1. Great thread, extremely useful. I have just bought a SkyWatcher SkyMax 127 AZ-GTI. Some years ago I had a Celestron NextStar but got fed up wasting valuable observing time trying to master the set-up procedure. I 'reverted' to a 200mm Dob with no tech aids and have never spent so much time actually observing. But finding many DSOS has been problematic so I am trying again with GOTO. I have considered adding StarSense (still hoping for a fully self-setting scope) but am thinking more than twice having done a little searching on the forums. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to NC for his very va
  2. I've just finished making a projection screen for solar observation. What is the best material for the screen surface? Plain white paper/card has too many tiny specks that can be confused with sunspots. And is white preferable to black or vice versa? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  3. My first ever view of Mercury after nearly 60 years! Spent a good afternoon in clear weather (thin cloud cover) with 8" Newtonian stopped down to 2.5". Used eyepiece projection (32mm eyepiece) onto card and took this shot with a hand-held Olympus V170 at 11.50 UT. Shows the large sunspot (I also saw a group of 3-4 pin-prick sized spots nearer the equator) with Mercury the dot at right. Looked a lot better with the eyes than in the pic, but at least I got something to stick in my astro-diary. Continued observations until 16.36. Thereafter the Sun obscured by neighbours' trees. No fancy gadgetry
  4. I was watching the Mercury transit yesterday and took a few drawings off the images projected by my Newtonian. I'd like to get the directions right on the drawings. Where do S and W lie? I thought I had it worked out but I'm not so sure. And where can I find an explanation of the optical processes involved in the reversing, flipping, etc of images in optical trains? Thanks!
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