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  1. Hope so Ian Thanks for the Comments.. James
  2. I love a mystery and this one of yours is a good un
  3. One for mulder and scully eh Martin? Shame there's no New News to this James
  4. Lovely Treat from you Today Russ, great images esp Orion
  5. It's not pausing as such just i had more frames at the moment Steve Cheers Steve James
  6. Asteroid Dyson.. Strange evening i was expecting to be out amongst the stars but alas the clouds rolled in. Just before checking outside i had my mouse button ready too free up some room on my H/D and was waving it over my Naff M31 images/Folder but thought Mmm if it's crud outside i will reprocess these images for something to do and left em. Well coming back in from the Drizzle outside i went about processing the M31 frames, stuck em in Registax and let it go off processing, a quick trip too the kitchen for a Brew i come back in and look how Registax is going on. Bang noticed whilst Registax was running it's alignment a white Dot moving close by M31 :shock: What is that i asked myself ... After some processing with Image Ready i got an animation going, first one was a quick one missing out some frames as i was keen to see what was going on. After the Process was done iam left thinking Asteroid and after checking all possibilities it has to be no other explanation. Ive now included ALL frames for the Animation, as i said in an earlier post i went about imaging M31 [removed word] nilly and stopped and started imaging M31 as conditions were poor and i was tired hence the jump in movements in the Animation... Pleased as punch and will be submitting it to the relevant governors on such things for further investigation.. Hope you enjoy, Ive kept it as small a file as poss and is now only just over 1MB with all frames inc.. http://stargazerslounge.co.uk/uploads/JDASTEROID2.gif Regards James
  7. Id forgotten all about it nice one Gordon
  8. Lazzarotti Optics Just found this site http://www.lazzarotti-optics.com/main.html and they make rather excellent looking Planetary scopes :shock: never heard of them before so i guess there pretty new. Take a look at some of the Gallery images with images taken with the scopes amazing stuff! I want one NOW James
  9. Thanks Chaps, gonna post a smoother Animation later when i get round to sorting the Frames. James
  10. OXO


    Excellent pic Russ, another to your night of excellence well done :thumbleft:
  11. Blimey Russ some lovely images there mate :shock:
  12. Cheers Caz/Steve 8) I can but hope
  13. Finding one would be awesome enough for me although naming one would be fantastic also... I suspect it would take a lot of time for something to be (Confirmed) still i can day dream until that day and try my best to observe/image it again . Thanks AM,Martin James
  14. My what a bunch of lovely Pics, that last image being my Fav stunning Pete as ever Did the Comet Burst recently? Thanks James 8)
  15. Clocks ticking here Looking forward to this one Nice reminder Gordon
  16. Stands out here Phil, and if so the Tail is rather long but the Angle of it match's up well enough IMHO.. James PS:Look forward to your close up pic 8)
  17. Emailed the Gif to some Professor friends I'll let you know asp when i hear back
  18. What a Night you had Rog another Stunner Gotta love those Wispies
  19. Corking Image Rog wow :shock:
  20. Bummer. None of the MPC candidates come close to your path. Maybe you discovered one? Can you find it again? If so, you may want to check with someone locally that knows asteroids and colaborate on a submittal.. It's down to clear skies now, i will find it again (A mission too). Going to contact some Proffesors at Manchester Uni and have them colaobrate with me if info collates a Submittal will be on the cards. Nope speeds even at extreme high orbits for Satellites wouldn't produce this WH as far as iam aware... Checked out everything i can Online and in Softwares/Charts nothing comes close to saying ah yes thats what it was, maybe someone else will turn up with an answer but iam pretty certain on this(So far).. Thanks for the Help and Comments thus Far chaps
  21. Yeah first thing i checked was Starry Night Steve it's deff not that mate, thanks for searching though
  22. Time's as Precise as can be are 8.47pm GMT to 8.57pm on Tuesday the 24th of October. Long/Lat 53*23N 2*36'W Hope that helps? Thanks James
  23. Tried my best Phil.. like Steve had fun playing
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