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  1. Can the files be extracted from the update? if so maybe it's a case of copying n pasteing into your starry night folder?
  2. OXO

    Registax 4 MOON

    The difference as i can tell so far is the stacking process is much more even using more than one alignment point, there a shed load of other things to suss out yet but it looks promising. Thanks everyone. James
  3. Your image of the Pacman says it all Rog Stunning!
  4. Not half, reading up on it this evening great Pdf file on the site
  5. Ding Dong, missed this pic. Wonderful Image of the Comet one of the best :thumbleft:
  6. Downloaded Registax 4 this afternoon and found some Moon images to stack from a while back done with the Canon 300D and ED80. Used the softwares Multi Point function and 5 were used for the resulting image. As far as i can tell just using the extra Points will improve the processing of images. Anyway take a look see what you think... Regards James
  7. Mars Rover Beginning To Hate Mars http://www.theonion.com/content/node/54360 Don't get too emotional :nono:
  8. Mmmm Best by far was the 8' Skywatcher and HEQ5 Mount simply the best value for Mount and App.. :) Worst was a 6' Dob (Orion) Orion normally make fantastic scopes but this one must of been built by blind pixels on Acid Awful best thing about it was that it vanished after 3 or 4 days somewere else! :)
  9. OXO


    Very very good considering the Method Martin id be happy with that, some nice details coming through
  10. Into the Light As ring particles emerge from the darkness of Saturn's shadow, they pass through a region of twilight. The Sun's light, refracted by the planet's atmosphere, peeks around the limb, followed shortly by the Sun itself (see In Saturn's Shadow for an example of this effect). The "penumbra" is the narrow fringe region of the planet's shadow where part (but not all) of the Sun is visible around the side of the planet, creating only a partial shadow there and making the shadow edge look fuzzy. The A and F rings are captured here. This view looks toward the unlit side of the rings from about 20 degrees above the ringplane. Two faint ringlets can be seen within the Encke gap, which stretches out of the blackness at center and toward right. The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Sept. 12, 2006 at a distance of approximately 1.5 million kilometers (900,000 miles) from Saturn and at a Sun-Saturn-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 163 degrees. Image scale is about 9 kilometers (5 miles) per pixel. http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/multimedia/images/image-details.cfm?imageID=2341 Superb 8)
  11. Managed too Double Stack 2x 2 Barlows in the past with a Toucam Pro and Skywatcher 8' scope, condtions were spot on that night though it has to be said.. James
  12. Col, Edited the image in the following way 9Just so you know what to do).. Played with the Brightness/Contrast then applied some unsharp mask and despeckle from the Filters menu of Photoshop.. Easy Job really. James
  13. Thats a nice one of the Crab Rog lovely widefield and great detail in the Crab also those Stars look so sharp you could cut ya fingers on em. Good Stuff from a disappointing start James
  14. Col, next time your out try and use ISO 1600 and get a few more frames so you can stack the images, this should help get some more details in the images. For a first try these are great though
  15. At a guess i think you may of set your ISO setting too low? Looks like nice images but with higher settings you would of got a lot more Col.. James
  16. Yep, if you wear Glass's get a lanthanum if not get a Orthoscopic 8)
  17. Thanks Ant, Yep you can name Comets but when it comes to Asteroids they get picky esp as there imagination is such as IEP387447BC or something James
  18. Sorry Ant i didn't receive the email prob lost in Cyberspace
  19. It's certainly there Ant, just ran it through PS and in the blue channel it's very visable mate 8)
  20. Thats Fridays for ya , can't see it as being anything else tbh James
  21. Looks cool Ant with the Plane Trails too 8)
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