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  1. Hi all. Can you help? I am looking for an active Astronomical Society to join. I have moved to Chelsfield near Orpington.
  2. This is all the info I need I think. Thank you for this.
  3. Horrible night tonight. Have you managed to get out much in March?
  4. Hi all, This is way beyond my level of understanding, but I have a friend who is looking to take a Spectrum of a meteor. They have a Dslr, and a star analyser 100 and cannibalised a lens cap, tripod and remote shutter button. What do we need in terms of lens and exposure time to get the best images? (apologies for any ignorance in this post, but I am a newbie still)
  5. Yes, I wrote to the CMAS but got no response. I was interested in the spectroscopy of meteors and needed help with what equipment I would need. It was during the Leonids last Nov.
  6. Took advantage of the break in clouds and got a good look at Jupiter tonight. Just magnificent! Even with the bins.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys, extremely helpful.
  8. I am just starting out, and trying to map the sky before I invest in a telescope. Question: are there any Messier objects that I can view with a pair f binoculars?
  9. Smiggsy

    hello all

    Hi and welcome
  10. Hello from Dartford ☺
  11. Just wanted to say hi, and a thank you for providing this platform for me to indulge my interest in Astronomy - I get a lot of bemused looks when I discuss it at work! Anyway I am a complete newbie to the hobby...but I already have a good idea of what to do next to further that interest thanks to you guys.
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