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  1. snowing in north northumberland
  2. Thanks Gordon, I shall have a look and hopefully find it on a clear night, Thanks again Mark.
  3. i cant seem to pinpoint this nebula on stellarium, could anybody please let me know how to find it? Fantastic image by the way Thanks Mark.
  4. As always, a great image youv'e captured there Mark.
  5. Great image, plenty of detail. A good shot! Mark.
  6. Clear? was covered in mist and fog where i live, typical, i wait for a clear night and then this happens. I live not far from newcastle too (hexham), and i have tried to find a scope shop with no luck also. Photo's can be quite decieving
  7. Ive asked for a nice camera to do astro photography but he replied telling me there was a recession on , i may just get a pair of socks instead.
  8. Not sure if thats the same, i have only seen 'universe' and 'the universe' and now 'extreme universe', the latter being a brand new series. either way, they will be worth a watch im sure.
  9. Also on sky anytime HD, not sure about anytime normal though
  10. Michigander, i believe it was 'the firm' that sung that song
  11. Its definately worse this year than i can remember previously, ive only been star gazing for a year or so but i work outdoors and i dont remember the ground being so saturated or so many days getting soaking wet!
  12. fantastic job, im yet to even find the darn planet let alone photo it! Thank for the share Mark
  13. After the fuss that was made years ago over a possible bacteria in rock from mars, i would expect alot more press coverage on this one, this is the first ive heard about it, i would say the story is probably exagerated somewhat
  14. Ground control to major tom by david bowie and war of the worlds
  15. Well i think if there snow lying on the ground then i may just wimp out then and stay in doors where theres a nice warm coal fire burning
  16. Welcome to the forum Adam, I have a sister who lives in croydon, dont ask me where though i havnt a clue
  17. Welcome to the forum Richard Mark.
  18. Welcome to the forum Dubhe, hope you enjoy the many years ahead of you under the stars. Looking forward to seeing your images too mark
  19. Thanks john for clearing that up for me. Funny how you learn little things all the time. I will have to have a closer look at that region of the moon next time i get the opportunity. Thanks Mark.
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