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  1. I do a lot of deep space and Milky way shooting is a nice change of pace really. Very quick to set up and near instant results, and very easy to do even on entry level cameras. Thanks for your comments
  2. Basic camera equipment and tripod really, a Sony a6000 with a 16mm F2.8 lens. This mill is way out in the countryside and according to charts, there's next to no light pollution. It's a 25 second exposure at 1600 ISO taken at about 4am in the morning
  3. Very happy with my first shot of the milky way for this year. Who else has been out shooting the Milky way, I want to see your pics
  4. I'm stacking images in DSS and it registers and stacks them, but I'm not getting a final image and i get left with this screen. I can't open any previous lists and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works. Any ideas why? I recently formatted a new hard drive and moved all my photos to that drive, wondered if this could be causing the issue, but I don't see why it would. ta Fixed it now. Hard drive was the problem after all.
  5. Your photos never fail to amaze me Nigel. Incredible. Well done mate.
  6. Yeah the 150PDS comes standard with the EQ3-2, just not sure what Motor drive I need because I here a lot about dual motor and it doesn't mean much to me
  7. I've contacted skywatcher to see what attachments I need. Would this motor drive be sufficient?
  8. It's also worth noting I use a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. I'm not sure what adapters, rings etc I'd need to mount it to a Skywatcher 150pds
  9. Right chaps. I've done a lot of thinking and i think it's best for me to go with a sky watcher 150PDS. I think the main reason for wanting the goto was me being lazy (your average 17 year old) and it would be much more convenient to banish field rotation issues associated with an alt-az. Thanks for all your advice everyone, it's all taken on board
  10. I have used my equipment to the maximum, and to the point where it is long overdue to get a telescope.
  11. Just found this on youtube. If i can do half as well as this then i'll be very happy.