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  1. Well its either this or yet another guitar!!! the scope wins hands down:)
  2. Hello, I am looking to spend no more than £150 if at all possible, i dont want to spend alot and he not use it as often as i think he would.. thanks for all your input lyns
  3. hello there I am a young woman in a dilema (not good i know). My husband has been intrested in the sky for some time now, we now have a loft conversion with a huge window so thought it was time to get him is first telescope... Only problem is i do not have a clue were to start! I have seen a few is this one any good? Mars 76RDF 700x76mm (3") Newtonian Reflector kit Bresser 70 Astronomy starter telescope kit hope some of you enthusiasts can help me thanks inadvance
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