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  1. Thanks everyone, I was able to do a solar system alignment last night. But that was the only success I got. wit 25 mm eyepiece I was barely able to get a good views of Moon. I Tried 6 mm and 13 mm but no luck. Part of the problem may be that I am viewing from light polluted skies of Toronto. I am thinking of going in for Light Pollution filter but can someone please recommend a good eyepiece? and Which light pollution filter is best. Also if the telescope is solar system aligned does it have to be aligned every time?? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. I have a question and need your help. I got a Celestron 6 inch telescope and with the skies finally clearing I tried to align it. as per the instruction guide, as the first step I tried to align the finder scope and the eyepiece. I centered my finder scope on arctrus and then tried to center my scope but I could not see anything from my eyepiece. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I know for sure that protective cover is not on the lens. I will try again tomorrow morning to align scope and the finder scope by aiming it at a building but please help me am I doing something wrong? should I be using celestron skyalign method? . I am in Toronto, Canada, please help me and guide me. I am a newbie and will really appreciate all your help. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, Firstly I must admit that I am new at this. I have just assembled Nexstar 6se. This is my first scope. I could not see anything from 25mm eyepiece so I went back to instructions manual and quick start manual and followed their instructions to align star pointer and align the main scope. I was using a telephone pole as a marker to align. However as per the instructions I have to centre the object in eyepiece in the main scope and then align pointer. But again I cannot see anything from the eyepiece. I am not sure if I am reading it right. I watched youtube videos and though the exact process is not demonstrated they talk about aligning star pointer even before they install the star diagonal and the eyepiece. Can someone please clarify and step by step describe the procedure for star pointer alignment. I am new to this and your help will be appreciated. Thanks
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