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  1. 10 minutes ago, Lorne said:

    The downside of May is that where we are at 55 degrees north, by the end of the month the nights are too light to get any useful observing in! My kit gets packed away until August.

    blumming exams getting in the way of everything!!

  2. 19 hours ago, laudropb said:

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL. The Astronomical society of Glasgow has meetings each month in Strathclyde University and also has regular observing sessions.

    Thanks mate very helpful will look into this!

    only one Brian laudrup 

  3. 3 hours ago, Lorne said:

    Hiya Gary, welcome to SGL :)

    Closest club to you might be the Clydesdale astro society who meet up in Forth, Lanarkshire or you could hook up with our group, Central Scotland Observers Group (google CSOG) a forum based free group who meet up at various dark sites in the Central Belt, usually at short notice as the weather dictates. You'd be made more than welcome if you turned up at one of our meets.


    Thanks Lorne that's fabulous thanks for the invite! I have my last exam for work coming up at the start of May so going to look into joining once that's out the way! Thanks 

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  4. Hi everyone,


    I currently have a Celestron first scope 4.5" Newtonian on an EQ2 mount (f/8). However I have been considering an upgrade.

    I would mainly use my telescope for planetary/lunar observation and some galaxies/nebulae/DSOs with a view to imaging in the future, but not yet.

    I have been looking at the Skywatcher explorer 200p EQ5. What is everyones thoughts on this scope? Is it worthwhile? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-eq5.html


    Thanks and happy observing!



  5. 27 minutes ago, faulksy said:

    hi and i think everyone is reading from the same hym. but just to through a spanner in the works, i would sell your scope as it is( im not knocking it it a great starter scope) and then the money you was going to spend on eps say £200 you could buy one of these or a secondhand one. this would let you see what your after



    Fair enough, a lot to think about! Thanks for all the advice! For talking sakes, if I went for a new telescope, I assume it would still be a good idea to get a few new eyepieces and a Barlow?

  6. 21 minutes ago, John said:

    For just under £50 it's very hard to beat the BST Explorers / Starguiders. Not only will they deliver optical performance as good as a decent plossl but you get a wider field of view, more comfortable viewing position because of the longer eye relief and a larger eyelens even with the short focal length models.

    A good low cost barlow lens is the Revelation (made by GSO) 2.5x 3 element barlow.



    thanks, would you recommend the star guides over a plossl? Would you also recommend a full set of star guiders or high power eyepieces of star guiders and the low power eyepieces vixen plossls? 


  7. 1 minute ago, Joe12345 said:

    The NLPs and BSTs are both good eyepieces, especially when you take into their price. The omnis are probably the worst of the ones you listed. If you wear glasses, then the higher power nlps (15mm down) won't have enough eye relief, and even if you don't, won't be very comfortable. 20mm up will be fine. The BSTs have the same eye relief all the way down, so they would be better for comfort at higher mags. So maybe 30 and 20mm nlps, then 15 and 12mm BSTs. Then if you got a Barlow, that would be 30, 20, 15, 12, 10, 7.5 and 6mm effective flths.

    I'm not sure which Barlow you should go for - others could offer better advice about these than me.

    Thanks for the advice! makes more sense to me now!!

  8. 1 minute ago, Louis D said:

    First, start by setting a budget for all the eyepieces.  That will help narrow the suggestions.  Second, do you need to wear eyeglasses while observing due to astigmatism?  Third, do you have a preference for wider apparent fields of view?  Fourth, what is the focal ratio of your telescope(s)?  Fifth, what objects do you tend to observe most?

    Hi mate thanks for the response.

    I was looking at around £30-50 per eyepiece. Will acquire over a period of time not all at once I feel. ( I notice you are in the US so I think that's about $45-75)

    No I do not need to wear glasses, I do have a slight astigmatism but not bad enough for glasses.

    To be honest I do not really have a preference for apparent fields of view as of yet.

    My telescope is an f/8.

    I observe a variety of things, planets, moon and try to see some DSO's. Would like to be able to maybe see nebula and galaxies if possible. I also enjoy just setting my telescope up anywhere in the sky and pan across it enjoying all the stars if im honest even im not 100% sure what they are!


    Thanks again



  9. Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of getting some new eyepieces in a wide of ranges. Been thinking about 6,9,15 and 32mm and a barlow lens.

    However there is so much choice with the pieces I have no idea where to start, if I should buy different brands or all eyepieces the same brand.

    I have been recommended a few already here but still totally unsure. I have been researching the celestron Omni plossl, Vixen NPL and BDT Explorer ED and I was looking for some more help!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


    Clear skies!


  10. Hi everyone,

    I have recently got into astronomy and I find it incredibly amazing.

    I have a Celestron model #31044 Firstscope 114 EQ 4.5" Newtonian Telescope with the folloing specs:

    Aperture: 114mm (4.5")

    Focal Length: 900mm
    F/ratio: f/8
    Standard Oculars (or Eyepieces):
    20mm 1¼" (45x)
    10mm 1¼" (90x)
    Resolution:  1.0 arc seconds
     Light gathering Power: 267x unaided eye
    Limiting Magnitude: 12.8
    Highest useful Power: 270x
    I would like some advice on eyepieces. From one of my previous posts I enquired about the celestron eyepiece kit and was advised to avoid. From all the kind advice I received I was recommended the following eyepieces:

    http://www.firstlightoptics.com/vixen-eyepieces/vixen-npl-eyepieces.html 30mm

    http://www.365astronomy.com/8mm-BST-Explorer-ED-Eyepiece.html  or


    And the GSO Superview 20mm.

    I was wondering if this is a good basis to start as I quite fancied to start my glass collection here and also wondered if it would be wise to get a 6mm lens to increase magnification further. I was advised to avoid barlow lenses for now.


    My next question is in regards to filters. I have researched the following filters and wondered if they would be a worthwhile investment, especially the sun filter as that would be cool!





    Finally, I have recently been researching astroimaging. However, I have no idea where to start with this and if my equipment have the capabilities to cope. I believe CCD cameras are the way to go. I would be interested in imaging planets and the moon in the first instance bfore moving onto stars and DSO, however I feel I may need to get a variety of CCD cameras.


    I have noticed the Celestron Skyris 618 on FLO at a good deal and would like advice/recommendations on astroimaging and how I go from here!


    Apologies for the huge post and thanks in advance for any advice!


    Happy stargazing!!!



  11. Thanks everyone for your help! Will look into what eyepieces to invest in and I look forward to more star gazing! Unfortunately I won't be doing much of that as it is meant to be cloudy for the next 14 years or something like that haha!


    thanks again 

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  12. Hi, I am just starting out with astronomy and was looking for some advice.

    I have a Celestron model #31044 Firstscope 114 EQ 4.5" Newtonian Telescope (lived up my loft for years and just brought it back down!!)


    I was just looking for some advoce on how good a telescope this is and what i will be able to see through it. Will I be able to see the two ice planets and possibly pluto through this? How likely will I be of seing any nebula?

    I have also looked at the celestron eyepiece kit and wondered if this is worthwhile investment? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-94303-Telescope-Piece-Filter/dp/B00006RH5I/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456527086&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=celestron+eyepiec+kit


    Lastly, would anyone be able to recommend a decent solar filter and is gazing at the sun for sunspots/mercury  wothwhile?

    Thanks, Gary


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