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  1. Thanks Olly The light pollution is definitely there, the picture I posted was a screenshot of the RAW image which I then had to crop to get it below the 1MB limit to upload to the site, and in the process it is definitely browner than the original RAW sub. I will be having a look at Pixinsight in the near future, but my main computer is in the spare bedroom and we keep having guests so I am limited to using laptop and tablet at the moment which is fine for email and forums but not so good for data processing. I will also have to look at getting my web presence back online, which I took down when I retired. Regards Nick
  2. That is basically the process I went through, but without the Batinov mask. The delay is waiting for the scope to settle down. I am looking at making a focuser from Arduino and Stepper, several threads on here are excellent descriptions of what I need to do, just need to decide which one. New battery arrived for laptop so control will be better now. Nick
  3. For me as well,. Since I took these images, I have tried different combinations of 18 lights, 18 darks, 18 bias but only 7 flats. None appear as an improvement, unless it is all in the post processing
  4. Hi, hopefully this should be the first of many postings with regard to my journey into Astrophotography. This image is one of 18 taken on 11th March of the Orion Nebula. 20secs @ 800ISO using a Canon EOS 500D at prime focus on a SkyWatcher Explorer 200P on EQ5 . I have tried using DeepSkyStacker to stack the images but the results were less than satisfactory, methinks I need to spend some time playing with the software to get the best from it. Hardest part was getting focus. Need to get a new battery for the laptop so that I can use EOS Utility Any hints or suggestions gratefully received. Nick
  5. What a wonderful image, just the sort of stimulus I need , thank you for sharing Nick
  6. Hi, Nice images, which camera did you use to capture them? Nick
  7. Hi Everyone, Been using the Stargazers Lounge on and off for a while now, so thought it about time to sign up and now introduce myself. I have had several telescopes over a number of years, currently a Sky-Watcher 200P Newtonian on a home made Dobsonian mount. Just recently been showing Jupiter to my Grand-daughter, and also tinkering with a webcam ccd to obtain an image, but it looks as though I will have to go back to my EQ mount and get the tracking working to have any hope of decent images. Regards Nick
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