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  1. Thanks Olly and Dave, interesting points! Olly, do you also mean that you don't use lum channel technique at all in nb? Even either of the first two methods? Thanks guys!
  2. Hi all I'm just starting the plunge to the deep end of mono and narrowband imaging. I have read the available info from here (SGL) and other sources but the findings seem to be rather inconclusive. So here's the thing. Some of our fellow imagers seem to be boosting the nb signal by using luminance channel. Methods for LUM vary from using just the Ha, using all the nb channels combined or using lum filter or better yet using ccd grade light pollution filter. I'm sure there are other methods as well..? From what I gather, there are some "drawbacks" to e
  3. Hi Jim kindly replied to me and we exchanged few emails for dimension measurements. I measured that my "native" focal point is about 52mm outwards from the focuser lip when it is fully extended. Jim messaged me that the AC would require 2,5" longer tube than normal and he would have those available shortly. He already had 1" extended versions but that wasn't enough in my case. I'll have to manage with my previous means in the meanwhile. The imaging season is just starting here after summer's nightless nights. I am eager to get all the updates for my rig ready and operational f
  4. Bagnaj, do you have the ultra slim filter wheel and the new adapter that reduces the backfocus to 12,5mm?? I'm currently contemplating of buying the qhy163m bundle but I'm unsure which filters to get. Budget climbs quite high with 36mm filters (astronomiks) and If the 1.25s could be used without much of vignetting that would be a huge benefit €€ and I might get the whole NB set for a price of one. Has anyone tried the 163m + us fw bundle with the new 3mm adapter and 1.25 filters?? Thanks?
  5. Hi Rich and Jason! This has been a fantastic Post, a true learning journey! I have been thinking on purchasing catseye system and stumbled to this Post by accident. I have been using only precision cheshire up until this point. It would be great to hear from Rich what was the end result when imaging?! I have f4 8" imaging rig so this discussion has been highly relevant for me. I also sent an email to Jim of Catseye If he already has some remedies brewing. Thanks guys!!
  6. Thanks Gus! Yes the tube rings is a good one, have to test If it has any effect If the plate covers the whole circumference. I would think that the ring would still fit, but this has to be tested. Cosmetics is not a problem, atleast for me, since I use the scope in the dark and threre's no one looking anyways One thing I have Been pondering is that If the plate is placed inside the tube and you don't make it to cover the whole circumference of The OTA (is not a complete tube), how it might make various reflections/diffractions. Does anyone have experience on this?
  7. Greetings Since it is saturday, I can ask silly questions, eh? There are posts describing how fellow astronomers have made improvements to their steel tubed newts. However, it seems that these topics are quite old and the accompanied photos are no longer available. From the descriptions it can be determined that all have approached this by adding the strengthening plate inside the tube. (And now the silly part) Why everyone has been doing it to the inside of the tube? It would seem that reinforcing with a plate to the outside of the tube should yield the same effects with lot less ef
  8. Hi Looking to buy 36mm filters, both narrowband (ie. 6-8nm) and LRGB are on my shopping list so I'm open for offers. cheers,
  9. Looking for Qhy 163m camera for the next season's (hopefully) dark and clear nights. I am also interested for accessories (filters/motored wheel) if a suitable bundle would present itself. I would prefer the Qhy but Asi 1600 mm cooled, especially if it is version 3, would suit also. If you have an extra lying around or want to part with your current one, please contact. Paypal transactions only please. Thanks!
  10. Brilliant, thanks!! I'll go and visit bearing shop tomorrow and also grap some nose pliers on the way too.
  11. Hi all I'm currently in process of maintaining my eq6 mount and noticed that my ra axis worm gear carrier roller bearing(s) have a bind to them when turning the motor gear. There is a definite stop when turning the gear slowly. It seems that both of the roller bearings at the end of the worm carrier rod would need replacing (see pic below, of the bearings that I mean). Have others noticed same thing? Does anyone know the item/skf number for these bearings so I could search for replacements from local shops? Btw the worm gear in both dec and ra axis were covered
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