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  1. Great report baggywrinkle! How noisey is the AZ GTi? If neighbors had their windows open at night in the summer, do you think they would here it?
  2. Thanks happy-kat, I found this from rodhul back in 2016 which looks like what you describe. Might give this a go!
  3. Thanks for the info Mark, much appreciated! I'm looking into different tripods with ball heads. I'm just trying to figure out how the scope will rotate securly in alt motion. I guess the ball head will allow that if it has a notch in its 'collar'. I like that you have the right angle locked down, I guess that's the saddle? I'll have to dream of raiding the piggy bank for the starwave!! Cheers, Adam
  4. Hi Mark, Can you tell me what tripod and mount you have in the photo in starting post on this thread? It looks ideal for my heritage dob. Thanks, Adam
  5. Hi Sockgoblin, I have a 130p Heritage too. I bought it second hand from ebay and took both mirrors out to clean. I had trouble at first re-aligning the secondary with the primary and noticed that I had to make sure the secondary mirrors strut was screwed all the way into the supporting truss section. I followed Astrobabys collimation guide to the letter (although the first section is describes 4 spider vanes for the secondary). So when I was happy with the physical alignment, I did a star test only to find that everything was blurry! After a bit of experimentation I realized that moving (very gently) the single strut/spider vane improved the focus of stars, so I moved the strut up as high as possible and then retested it and that seem to do the job. However after many nights of cloud and taking the scope on a holiday, I noticed that the blurriness has returned. So I tried flexing the single strut/spider again and I have noticed the same change in focus. I think I will remove the vane and check for any bends like you have shown. Thanks for the your info. I will report back in a few days, just in case other 130p Heritage owners have similar issues.
  6. Thanks John78 for the link. I guess getting used to what my equipment can/cannot do helps!
  7. Hi I am a new stargazer and I've looked at the moon, Jupiter and the Great Nebula in Orion. I was wondering what is the next object I could search for, which is easy to find. I have found Andromeda Galaxy in my Bins, but its so much dimmer than I expected. I'm struggling to locate it with my reflector telescope. Are there other easy to find deep sky objects anyone could suggest? I'm using a 700 x 76 newtonian EQ from Bristol UK. Thanks Adam
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