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  1. Total cloud cover here, which has been a consistent story every night bar one for a few weeks and I was away visiting relatives the other side of Norfolk that night - typical...!!! The last image I captured was the Blue Snowball on 8-9 Dec after which I swapped my camera from the C14 to my 4" APO to shoot some wider field targets like M45 and the Witch Head. I did some test shots mainly to work out the framing of the Witch Head and created a capture sequence for later in Dec/Jan, then started out on M45. I collected 6x10 min subs before losing the sky, than a single 10 min sub a few nights later and not a single sub since.....
  2. Mike, they're all superb, but that final version really wins it for me. The slight red/magenta cast has gone and every star right through the core is resolved. Viewing the full size version on Flickr is simply amazing.... Cheers, Geof
  3. Same here, it redirects to another site, but just googling affinity photo got me to their site....
  4. Fabulous image Olly and a very interesting and informative thread to read too. I've yet to image that target, but it's been on my list to do since early December, however, I haven't had any clear skies for weeks. I did some test shots early December to work out what I could frame with my QSI583 plus 4" TSAPO and created a sequence in SGP. I then started an LRGB sequence on M45, but only managed 6x10min subs since when the obs has remained firmly closed . I'll only be ably to frame the top third or so of the head (actually about the top right quadrant in your displayed image) with my rig unless I mosaic, which is something I've never done and I'm not ready to start that adventure yet. I didn't consider shooting any Ha, but maybe I'll add some if ever I get the opportunity to shoot the LRGB first, though that said it looks like the Ha is mostly in the region ouside my intended FOV framing, so perhaps not. Cheers, Geof
  5. Same here, the forecasts keep promising clear sky within in the next hour, but that's been a moving target since 6pm. I've stepped outside every 30-40 mins hoping that I'm going to see the clear sky being forecast, withnothing but 100% cloud. The satelite IR shows the UK pretty much blanketed in fog, so I'm done with looking. Maybe tomorrow.....
  6. I think that M31 would be very challenging from a Bortle 7 sky - maybe just visible with AV when fully dark adapted and with excellent transparency, but I wouldn’t hold my breath....
  7. Here's mine... .....though my iPhone DSM app has given several readings better than SQM 21.3, so potentially Bortle 3 (21.3-21.5), but then the iPhone app is likely not reliable. Cheers, Geof
  8. Well that's a cracking collection from just one year - suberb..!!
  9. Hi Martin, I don't want to put you off, but the next few years are not going to be good to try planetary imaging from the UK as the 3 most interesting planets won't be well placed. Jupiter and Saturn are going to be very low to the horizon, even when they transit, for the new few years, making imaging them very challenging and Mars which is now receding fast, doesn't come around again until 2020. I note that you have an 8" RC, so have you tried imaging the planets with that? A colour camera like the ZWO ASI290MC would be a great camera to start. Capture a few minutes video with Firecapture, process those videos with Autostakkert (AS3!), Registax and Winjupos, all of which are free to download. Good luck, Geof
  10. Olly, Really great to see this, thanks for posting it. I met Dave Tyler right at the start of his astro journey back in the early 1970's when we both shared another hobby, archery and used to practice shooting together in Staines, Mx. He was a multiple National Archery champion back then and still holds some UK records. When he found out that I was also interested in astronomy and had a 4" newtonian telescope we got together comparing my 4" with his 3" refractor mentioned in this clip. We lost touch after I got married in 1975, but found each other again a few years ago when I was researching the Moon and came across the below link for the lunar waorld record image attempt, of which he was a team member. http://www.lunarworldrecord.org/index.php Since we reconnected Dave has been my planetary and solar imaging mentor. A very talented imager and engineer, not only building his obsevatory and making a huge range of telescopes and accessories, he also used to manufacture his own crossbows. He is one of the most genuine, likeable persons you could ever meet, a very patient tutor and is my goto person on all aspects of imaging, telescope design, collimation, perfomance, etc., etc. You made my day seeing this again. Cheers, Geof
  11. Image taken with QSI583wsg-5 through C14 with Optec F7 telecompressor in train. L=18x300; RGB=9x300 each. The image has been cropped to better present the mere 37" diameter PN, with a hint of the outer shell showing. Geof
  12. ok, so tonight I got it naked eye, then with the 15x70s and to round things off big and blousey with the C14 where it filled about 50% of the FOV with my ES 68/40 eyepiece
  13. My eyes definitely are not what they once were, but at 1:00 am when I gave up on M79 due to horizon murky cloud, the bright stars of Orion were already significantly dimmed and M45 was hazy, so it was not a good time to test the naked eye visibility of 46P. I got it in the 15x70 binos, but only just....
  14. Got it in my 15x70 bins last night through thickening haze that was too much for my imaging target M79 down at <10 degrees alt. No way was it naked eye and honestly was surprised to see it in the bins. Geof
  15. A cracking report Neil and I'm very envious of you getting visual on the HH. The skies were great here in my part of South Norfolk (well its only 15 miles from Seething), but it was crazy windy so I couldn't image anything (I couldn't even secure a good focus with the auto focus routine). I didn't want to move the camera as it's set for a target I've only part completed, so that prevcented me doing any visual with the c14 too. I did get the 15x70 bins out though to look at the Mars/Neptune conjunction, which was afine sight and also 46P which was an easy get, but I then gave up. I did think about driving over to Seething, but I feared that it was too windy even for visual and that no one would be set up - clearly a big mistake...!! Glad that you had such a great session. Geof
  16. Good capture. I almost forgot about this conjunction, but remembered as they were getting low in the SW around 9:30pm. Set my 15x70s on a tripod as I couldn't make Neptune out hand held. As you say, windy conditions but I saw them both, with Neptune below and to the right of Mars. Geof
  17. Ok, I didn't know that just the P/Wirtanen worked, but glad you got it. I just added a screenshot to my earlier post
  18. That caught me out too. I tried various combos of C/, P/, with/without 2018 none of which worked, but after Googling, decided that it's named 46P/Wirtanen, so tried that and it worked.... , so hopefully it will for you too
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