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  1. I have found that the majority of USB to serial connectors will now be absolutely fine. Originally it was the case that drivers were an issue but that time is now past.
  2. I do remember being on a boat in the South Pacific when I was not able to go on a night dive due to ear problems. The difference between a night sky in England and the night sky hundreds of miles from any source of light pollution is truly incredible.
  3. I live just outside of Taunton, quite a rural area really. On a couple of nights I have seen the Milky Way but that is only a couple of nights per year. When it is visible it really does make it clear how the light pollution from Taunton is affecting the visibility - I can't even remember what it is like inside a city.
  4. Great book, very easy reading for what could be quite a dull subject. I found it gave me very relevant information without requiring me to be too involved in the technical aspects. I just want to take good photos.
  5. Stunning. Thanks for the heads up. I'm an iPhone developer and it is so difficult for great apps to be seen amongst all the dross.
  6. skybond


    Hi, I'm from Taunton and have been watching with interest the newspaper articles about the street lights being switched off at night ... shame!!
  7. I was under the impression that although the price is an invitation only, if you were to purchase it and they were to accept your order then there is a contract in force - they made an offer, you made an offer, they accepted your offer.
  8. Hi from Bishops Lydeard (very near Taunton but with fewer street lights).
  9. Hi Dave and welcome from Taunton.
  10. Unless things have changed, Orbit are not making any more in the near future. I have been asking Bernard to get hold of one for me for a couple of months now. Their wedge is supposed to be excellent but they will not do a run of wedges until they have advanced orders. I went for the Celestron in the end since getting a wedge shipped over from US was going to be very expensive.
  11. Parallel universes is not something I can even entertain. To think that there is someone out there that has made all the mistakes that I have not made is totally unrealistic, If there is a mistake to be made then I have made it! Kafka covered parallel paths pretty well in the "Unbearable Lightness of Being", one of my all time favorites. As far as I am aware, there is no evidence for parallel universes.
  12. That is kind of what I was worried about .. if we can say that the Universe will adhere to the laws of physics and nature but the origins of the Universe do not then surely we have a problem.
  13. Did you know that you can get cheap software from Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Software UK at Software4Students.co.uk ? If you have kids then you can get Office Enterprise for £60ish and Windows 7 ultimate upgarde for £65ish. All you have to do is to to name you kids school and give their name. The site is 100% genuine - my kids have needed loads of software!! I have not posted a link since I do not want anyone to think that I am benefiting from this in any way. You will receive your disk in a couple of days .. it is nice to know that there is some benefit from having expensive "drains on your assets".
  14. I have seen lots of programs recently (Stephen Hawkings etc) where they have talked about laws of nature and how they will apply across the whole Universe. My question is regarding the Big Bang. If there was a singularity which exploded to form the Universe then how is this consistent with the laws of nature. Something that is so tiny yet can release so much matter as to create the entire universe. I also cannot get my head around what was there just before the big bang. How can you explain infinite time .. what was there before that infinite time. I am not trying to be pedantic or pushing a theological viewpoint but I do find that the layman's point of view is the most useful when trying to understand something so fundamental.
  15. I am in Taunton and can sympathize with the conditions although there are more stars appearing by the minute. I also have a CG5 Goto and a C6 OTA since I want to get into imaging. I have therefore seen both the Fork and EQ options but must say that the speed of setup of the CPC is a real asset. With the CPC the 3 star align is very quick and reliable and I can be setup in less than 5 mins.
  16. I am an iPhone developer so have downloaded ALL the iPhone apps for astronomy. I also have The Sky X, Stellarium, etc etc. I can use any of these to find out what is in the sky at any one time. Where the Sky Scout really comes into its own is in the real situation of stepping outside, seeing something, and finding out what it actually is. Being an electronics guy I am amazed at the accuracy obtained. Once it has locked on you can just point it at an object. Click on the locate button and it tells you what you are looking at. I have not shown it to my son yet but he will absolutely love it. He is always pointing to something and saying "is that Saturn?", the Sky Scout will tell him for certain what it is and also give him some useful information about it. I love it!
  17. Hi, Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the solid mount that the CPC925 has. Previously I had a ETX90 and ETX125 and the CPC really comes into its own when the kids are taking a look. Being young they tend to clamber onto the scope in order to take a look and with the CPC it remains on target. My son is 7 and is very interested in the planets and the universe and it is so great to be able to give him control and not be worried about him having jogged it. With regards to the discussions about CPC800 or CPC925 it is worth mentioning that the Hyperstar system does not work with the CPC925 - this might be an issue if you are going to be serious about imaging. I have purchased the Celestron Wedge for my 925 since I had no luck in sourcing another one (Orbit or Mitty etc). I will be trying it out soon. I would say the build quality on the CPC is excellent, much more solid than the ETX (I returned my ETX in exchange for the CPC). I recently had a great view of Saturn with the CPC925 and an Ethos 8mm, really magical and even the wife was wowed - amazing what a great view you can get for £800 ;-)
  18. I'm no expert in the law but I have successfully used the Small Claims procedure. You asked for the papers to be served at the address which you had access to. I think you have therefore done all you can. The fact that he has not responded is not your fault. I would just let it go through to the court and await the judgment.
  19. I wonder if the reason for their demise is referred to on their new website ... "Thank you for your customer" I think I was that customer
  20. I don't suppose this will have any effect on the time it takes to answer their phone though. The last time I managed to get through was by phoning the main man on his mobile phone, that was after 10 attempts at getting through on the land line.
  21. I was wondering when this would happen. They owe me a Sky Scout card for which I have been waiting for around 4 weeks. I spoke to the owner and he promised .... Tonight their website is down with a notice "Telescope Planet temporary have Ceased Trading until Further Notice" I really hope that there are not too many people whose money they have.
  22. I'd join you! Dew shield took 5 months to arrive and I am still outstanding one item from an order a month ago.
  23. Hi, I previously emailed this enquiry to FLO but received no answer so I was hoping that some of you guys could tell me what I should be ordering. I have looked at all the Dovetails and mounts etc but have been totally confused by it all. I am looking for a means to mount a WO FD 80 on a Celestron CG-5. Can you please tell me which dovetail I should purchase to go with the WO 90mm rings in order to be able to mount onto the CG-5. In addition I would like to be able to piggyback the WO FD80 onto a Celestron CPC925 (for use as a guide scope). Again, can you please tell me what I should be ordering. Finally I would like to mount the WO FD80 onto a C6 OTA (on the CG-5) so I can use that for guiding. Sorry about the number of questions but I just want to order the correct bits. Many thanks, Trevor
  24. Hi everyone, I am going to the Caribbean soon and would like to take a scope with me. I will also be taking my QHY8 and was hoping to get some good DSO images under the dark skies. I have a CPC 925 which my wife tells me I cannot take. Can anyone recommend a good scope to take for the purpose of taking DSO images. I have thought about the Celestron 4SE but would welcome your input. Many thanks.
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