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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I could use converters as you mention when at home but I'm also looking for a system that I can take with me when I go elsewhere. Doug
  2. Hi, I'm new to Astrophotography and I'm just getting all my equipment together. I will shortly have the following equipment :- HEQ5 Pro Mount SW ED 80 DSPro (imaging Scope) with reducer SW ST80 (guide Scope) Canon 450D Modded Computer and I will be getting a guide camera, something like the ToupTek or similar. I am thinking of setting everything up with an old computer (19V) with Win8 on, I have already got Stellerium, PHD, EQMod, sharpcap, etc on this computer. I'm thinking of leaving the old computer running in a box or similar nea
  3. Hi, Thanks for all the comments, I'll have a look at the 130 pds and 150pds. Doug
  4. Hi Pete, What do you mean by guiding considerations. Thanks Doug
  5. Hi, I'm fairly new to astronomy and would like to concentrate on astrophotography with some visual. I've bought and read every photon counts a number of times along with other books and have learnt that the main thing is the mount. I am getting a NEQ6. I was initially going to get the SW80ED or similar but then I read the wonderful thread about the SW 130PDS and noted that people also use the SW 150PDS and SW200PDS. Now I'm not sure what to buy and would like some advice. I intend purchasing another scope to use for visual work and have already purchased a SW ST80 to use
  6. Thanks everyone for your comments Regards Doug
  7. Thanks Rob, I'll take on board what you say about cost, I can put my money to other things if I go with the SW80ED. Doug
  8. Hi, Thanks for all the comments, I would like to image DSO's but looking to take baby steps so I learn with a smaller easier to use system which will hopefully produce results before I venture into trying larger scopes such as Newtonian's etc. I have already decided that I will purchase a focal reducer for the 80mm. I am looking to buy the best tripod / mount that I can as I will be able to keep this as I hopefully upgrade as I get more experienced to use larger / faster scopes. If I get a descent 80mm then I may be able to use this some day as a guide scope for larger telescop
  9. Hi, I'm brand new to SGL so Hello. I am just getting into Astronomy but have been a keen photographer for many years and would like to get into AP. I have read 'making the photons count' and have decided to initially start off with an 80mm ED. I am looking to get either a HEQ5 Pro or HEQ 6 Pro to go with the 80mm ED so that I can then add a larger scope as and when I get more experienced. I will also be using a modded DSLR to start with and will also look to use an autoguide system with PHD or similar program to run it. I have seen a number of 80mm ED telescopes for sale and
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