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  1. Is that the sun shinning on my car and tent, this must have been taken on Thursday :)
  2. Before and After Storm Callum struck SGP2018...…………...
  3. Glad to help, See you on Wednesday if you come along. I'll be there from 7. Doug
  4. Hi, Not sure if it's of any help, you could see if there are any Astronomical Societies near to you as you should then be able to get plenty of help. Liverpool Astronomical Society meet at Pex Hill in Widnes at 7pm every Wednesday evening. If you can get there and bring your scope we'll be able to help you set up etc. Doug
  5. Booked for Thurs to Tuesday incl, first time at SGL. Doug
  6. Hi, I've tried both and whilst using my Canon DSLR I like the interface on BYEOS better however APT is still a very good program and I'm sure most people would be happy with either. Doug
  7. Hi, Thanks for the comments. I have a pair of 15 x 70 which I use mounted and I've now purchased a pair of 8 x 42 ED binoculars. The main reason I went for the 8 x 42 is due to the fact that I found the 8 x 42's easier to hold steady, I liked the wider FOV and as they will also be used for general / wildlife views whilst travelling I thought they would be a better option than the 10 x 50's. The new binoculars should be with me in a couple of days just in time for my holiday Doug
  8. Hi, Have a look at this link. http://www.strathspey.co.uk/shop/25x100.html Doug
  9. Thanks for the comments. This is the way I'm thinking I'll go, with binoculars for a wide field view something like 8 x 43s that should be easier to hand hold and will give a good view. I already have some 15 x 70s that I mount on tripod and for greater detail I will use my telescopes. I'm really after a good grab and go pair of binoculars within my price range. I'll have a look at the 8 x 40s that the sponsor has for sale. Thanks again for the comments. Doug
  10. Thanks for the info, I have some 15 x 70s that I have too use with a tripod due to the weight. I'll have a read of binocular sky to see what advice I can obtain. Thanks again. Doug
  11. Thanks for reply. I've seen the sponsor sale but still not sure if I should get ED binoculars and the magnification us confusing as some people say get 10x50s, others say get 10x42s and others say get 8x43 for wide field views. I've been looing at the Hawke Frontier 8x42, Hawke Sapphire 8x42 and Celestron Granite 10x42, all ED glass in the sponsors sale and the Pentax 10x50s as recommended without ED glass Doug
  12. Thanks for the recommendtion, I'll take a look. Doug
  13. Hi, I wish to upgrade my binoculars as I've been using a cheap pair of 10 x 50s. I have around £250 to spend but could push to £300 or therabouts for the correct pair. I'm not sure if I should be looking for 10 x 50s, 8 x42s, 10 x 42s and if I should go with ED glass or not. I want to use them mainly for astronomy when I travel abroad so they will be mainly handheld with the occasional use of a monopod and tripod and sometimes i'll use them for daylight use. I was initially looking at the Pentax 10x50s for £149 but got some extra money at Christmas so not sure if I can get
  14. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. The image I was initially using was the one you posted in your first post of the North American Nebula. I copied that image onto my computer then processed it following your instructions and the image I have shown you is what I got. I've now copied over your Photoshop PSD file and have viewed this in my version of Photoshop and it looks good, see below image so I don't know what is happening. Thanks for your help anyway and I'll try your process which I've saved as a complete action on another image when the clouds clear. Regards Doug
  15. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply, I was using the image provided with the initial post and upon checking it is 16bit. I've increased the view to 100% but still no change, the posterisation is still there as shown in the below image. Regards Doug
  16. Hi Mark, I'm just learning processing. I've followed your instructions using the image you provided and below is what I'm getting, a very pixilated image. It's obvious I'm doing something wrong but do you know what it is, I'm using Photoshop CC. Regards Doug
  17. Hi, I use a computer, Sharpcap and a mono GPCam which is great but the newer GPCam's get good reports. Doug
  18. Hi, I use BYEOS, PHD2, Stellerium, with my scope and Canon Camera. I have them all connected to a USB hub on my mount and then I go from the hub to my computer via a 5 meter USB cable. The mount is connected to the USB hub via a EQDirect cable and everything works fine. I don't use Astrotortilla, I've never found a reason to use it. I polar align using Sharpcap 3.0, then use Stellerium to sync mount after which I select target and image same using BYEOS whilst guiding with PHD. Doug
  19. Hi, No, the locking clamp was off. I've spent all day trying to sort it out and now have it working and the motorised focuser is on. It had something to do with the tension so i backed everything off and slowly adjusted them. Doug
  20. Hi, I have a Skywatcher upgrade focuser (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/sky-watcher-dual-speed-2-crayford-focuser-for-sky-watcher-refractors.html) which I bought at Kelling to replace the standard focuser on my ED80. I fitted the focuser and all was working well but today whilst trying to fit a Pegasus USB Dual Motor Focuser to the Skywatcher Focuser, the focuser became very rough and clunky when the drawtube was moving in and out. I've tried adjusting the tension to no avail so was wondering if anyone knew or could point me to somewhere that has instructions
  21. Hi Sara, Thanks for the quick reply. When saving as Tiff files I can now open them in Photoshop :), Astro Imaging is going to be a massive learning curve :). Below is the link I found that appears to be a FITS plugin for Photoshop, not sure if it is the correct thing as I found it when searching how to open FITS files in Photoshop. http://hubblesource.stsci.edu/sources/toolbox/entry/fits_liberator/ Thanks again Doug
  22. Hi, I've just started using this software and whilst using it I am saving the integrated (stacked ) images as FITS files however I am unable to open the images in Photoshop to do some processing . Do I need a plugin of some sort to open the images,. I have seen one called Fits Liberator which appears to be a Photoshop plugin, is this what I need to get or is there anything else I should use. Thanks Doug
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