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  1. Hi Alan, Thank you very much for your advice and for uploading the charts. Doug
  2. Great image. I'm just setting my equipment up having bought a Zwo 1600MM for narrowband work and I hope at some point to be able to get an image like yours. Doug
  3. Thanks for the reply. Once I have everything set up, just getting APT to link to all my equipment, I'll take an image and see if I can get the background median value using APT, if not I may have to do as you suggest. 90% of my imaging will be done from my back garden, this is why I've just bought the mono camera as I'll need to use Narrowband most of the time due to light pollution (Bortle 7). I do take my telescope etc with me twice a year to Kelling, and to other places such as the flooded SGL star party and Galloway. I'm really looking forward to using this camera once I've
  4. Hi, Thanks very much for your explanation and chart, it's really helped me understand, I think . If I've understood everything for Gain 139 with 56 offset my background target ADU is 1386. In order to find exposure times I set up my telescope etc and at astro dark I'll need to take some test exposures at varying exposure times until I get one where the background level is 1386 and I do this for each filter and record times etc. Just a few questions if you don't mind:- I'm going to be using Astrophotography Tools, if you know this software does this allow me to check backgr
  5. Thanks for the replies, Now I'm really confused the more I read the more confused I get. I think using unity gain will be a very good starting point for me for all filters as I then only have to work out exposure time. I'm not use to all this ADU, well depth etc so I think I have a lot to learn, at least I can get imaging once I have clear skies using Unity gain. Can anyone point me to the equation for working out exposure time and also where do you get the ADU level, is it from the histogram after taking the image. Thanks Doug
  6. Hi Vlaiv, Thanks for the comprehensive reply, some of it was a bit over my head but I'm starting to get the idea about gain and offset. I understand little of the math, I knew this was going go be a massive learning curve and I'm not wrong. Thanks again Doug
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I'll start off using unity gain and may try gain 200 with my narrowband filters, this way I can learn more about the software and filters etc. Doug
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have seen the charts you refer to and was initially going to work from them but the more reading I did the more I found people using different gain / offset settings. This us why I got confused. I live in a Bortle 7 area. 18.79 Magnitude. Regards Doug
  9. Hi, I've just bought the above camera to try some mono CMOS imaging having previously used a modified DSLR. I've started reading about imaging / processing with this camera and it's going to be a big learning curve. I'm already confused with regards to the gain settings. I've read all sorts of settings people appear to use:- Unity Gain - 139 offset 21, Gain 76 offset 21, Gain 76 offset 15, Gain 200 offset 30, Gain 200 offset 15, Gain 300 and also gain 0. I will be using this camera with my ED80 with flatter/reducer and motorised filter wheel. I live in a city with ve
  10. Hi, I have the above for sale in excellent condition including original box. Looking for £45.00 inc postage Thanks Doug
  11. Hi, Sorry to jump in on your thread but what did you make the pier base out of. Doug
  12. I can confirm it's very well wrapped up, saw it yesterday. Doug
  13. Thanks, On holiday in Tunisia at the moment due back in Liverpool on Friday. Unfortunately I can't get ABS here. Doug
  14. Hi, Would you be willing to sell the skytee II mount seperately and if so how much? Thanks Doug
  15. Hi, I just stick with the default settings. Checked it a lot at SGL 2018 when storm Callum struck and found it to be very good. Doug
  16. Hi, I have it on my phone and find it fairly accurate. Doug
  17. Hi, I'm a member of LAS and mainly do imaging when I get the chance. There are a few other members that do imaging but I don't think you'll find any club specifically for Astrophotography. Doug
  18. Hi, This was my first time at SGL and I don't think I'll ever forget it thanks to Storm Callum. Anyway I'd like to thank the organisers, sponsors and everyone else who gave up there time to help and give talks. I was booked to stay until Tuesday but being in a tent and with the rising water levels I decided to leave early. Thanks again to everyone and I'll see you next year. Doug
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