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  1. Hi, I would like the JMI wheelie bar. How much do you think it will be delivered to Liverpool. Thanks Doug
  2. Hi, Just a heads up.....Kstars 3.5.2 was released tonight. Doug
  3. Hi, I used to have a powered USB 3.0 hub attached to the side of my mount then I would run a 10m USB 3.0 cable into my back room and connect it to my computer. This would work but as previously stated 10m is a bit of a push. When I first tried it I could not get it to work as I was using cheap USB 3.0 hub and cables. I paid a lot more for the hub from 'Startech' and the USB 3.0 active cable from Lindy and I got it to work and ran it like that for a number of years. I am now using a RPI 4 attached to my telescope and from this I am running a Cat 6 cable into my house and com
  4. Fits Liberator allows you to view Fits images on your computer. Doug
  5. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the replies I'll just use some normal stuff not the quick set. Doug
  6. Thanks for the advice Doug
  7. Hi, I've finally decided that I've had enough carting my astro gear in and out of the house everything I want to do some imaging/observing. I'm also going to buy a heavier mount in the near future so I'm not sure if I'll even be able to carry it out. We are going to do some work on our garden in the spring which includes having a new patio laid. The boss has given me permission for a permanent pier as we can't fit an observatory in. I intend making a concrete pier and have seen a number of similar projects, but I can't find out which type of concrete to use. I've seen multi-purp
  8. Thanks, you’ve been a great help and it will assist me in sorting out the portable observatory. Doug
  9. Thanks, Can’t have pier at this time as the boss won’t let me have a permanent set up until we move house so making portable/takedown observatory just for my scope that I can use over the winter. Doug
  10. Hi, I've used my 12v lithium golf battery for about 5/6 years without any problems to my HEQ5 mount. Doug
  11. Hi, can anyone with the above mount/tripod please give me the distance between the tripod legs. Whilst in lockdown I want to build and portable observatory for my telescope. At the moment I have a HEQ 5 but will hopefully be getting the EQ6-R in a few months and want to ensure it will fit in the observatory. Thanks Doug
  12. Hi Terry, Thanks for reply. I'm also connected via ethernet 1gbit so hopefully the downloads will be fairly quick. Thanks again for all the help Doug
  13. Hi Terry, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm running it how you advised earlier this year prior to my ill health, I think I've remembered how you advised me to do it. I have a windows laptop so I open Ekos locally using the IP address for the RPI and connect all my equipment. I then open another instance of Kstars/Ekos on my laptop and go into the RPI remotely. Once this is done I set up imaging plan etc from my laptop. I can then select the folder on my laptop where I want to save the images. Where it says remote do I enter the folder on the PI where I also want the image to s
  14. Hi, I'm having a play around with my telescope and Ekos trying to remember what I used to do. I can set up Ekos locally and can save the images onto the SSD attached to the RPI. I can also set up EKOS remotely from my laptop and save the images I take onto my laptop. Is there a way that I can take an image and have it save both locally on the SSD and remotely on my laptop. There is a setting for saving images both locally/remotely on Ekos but I cant get it to work. When I am working locally and I set Ekos to save the images to both locations I cannot enter the locati
  15. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I'll take flats for each filter as advised. Doug
  16. Hi, I've done similar using 3mm Aluminium plate bent over the top of my scope to mount all my equipment onto it. I can then pack it away with everything attached and it is quick to set up. Doug
  17. Hi, I'm just getting back into imaging having been unable to do it for a while due to ill health. I'm using a Zwo 1600MM cool camera with filter wheel and 2" filters. The filter wheel currently has the following filters in it - L, R,G,B, Ha. If I'm taking L, R, G, B, images is it alright to use the flat from the Luminance filter for the R,G,B images or should I take a separate flats for each specific filter. I'm happy that my filters are clean and as they are contained within the sealed filter wheel then my view is the Luminance flats will be alright to use for the other f
  18. Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some recommendations. I'm running Astroberry/Kstars and have been using NetGPS on my android phone to get my location . Unfortunately I've had to swap my Android phone for an iPhone and I cannot get NetGPS. Can anyone using an iPhone give any recommendations on a GPS App to use. Thanks Doug
  19. Great Talk and images. Thanks Nik and everyone else involved in bringing the talks to us. Doug
  20. Hi, I was unable to get to watch the live talk last week so it was great to watch it today. Thanks for uploading this video Doug
  21. Thanks, Once I realised I could not get rid of the simulator profiles I then did as you suggested and labelled them up as 'Test' and then I could p[lay around with my equipment etc and delete at the end. Unfortunately I'm left with a couple of Simulator Profiles, I'll just have to live with them, a small price to pay for a great bit of software. Doug
  22. Hi, I set up my own profile and called it Simulator and this profile can't be removed even though I set it up. Doug
  23. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Only reason I'm looking into it is due to the fact that I've had a coupe of near misses with my equipment and software going mental so I thought there may be a way to keep my eye on my equipment from the warmth of my house. I don't know how people can set everything up, leave it then go to bed, I wouldn't sleep. I've seen a few Bullet type weather proof CCTV cameras that I may look into as they cost less than £30.00 and I don't need anything fancy. Doug
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