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  1. Hello Chris, welcome to SGL! You think you are unlucky with clouds?? Try to live in Scotland for a while... ️ :-)
  2. No, I've only got Registax
  3. Another sunny day in Scotland! Cant believe my luck!!! I have continued my quest to master solar imaging... Sigh :-) I have used the pressure tuner this time and believe there is more surface details visible than on my first attempt. Used a ZWO174MM, 1500 frames, Registax6
  4. Welcome to the forum! Definitely the right place to share your experience and/or get advice! As for the cloud free sky..... I live in Scotland... Nuff said! :-))))
  5. Sun might come out this weekend! just in time for when I'm away! #depressing :-)
  6. I had another go at painting Clavius Crater. Clavius Crater is the bottom one with the recognisable chain of craters going through. The crater on the edge of Clavius to the south is Porter and north is Rutherford. The crater above right is Blancanus and is named after the Jesuit Astronomer and philosopher Guiseppe Biancani (1566-1624). Just at the right hand side, bottom half, part visible is the comparably sized Scheiner. :-) )
  7. I just quickly plugged in the camera to find the image histogram on Sharpcap. Got it. I will use your instructions next time it is set up! Thanks a million.
  8. Thank you Michael, I'm afraid, that was my very first go at imaging. So far I used the telescope only for visual observing. I've recently bought a ZWO174MM camera, so I was playing around with brightness, exposure and focus etc. I am totally new to imaging and most certainly on how to use registax and Photoshop. On the black and white still pictures I took, I can see the filaments much better though.
  9. He didn't need a lot of imagination to come up with that! ?
  10. There were thin layers of clouds around later in the afternoon. So, I guess it is not the ideal situation for imaging. But hey ho, when you live in Scotland, you take any sunshine you get!!! :-)
  11. Here are two images taken today of the AR2529 region. :-) It was a fab day to solar observe. Luckily I was off work all afternoon.
  12. I've painted it at home. It takes me around 30 hours to paint depending how much detail there is. I will try sketching next time the telescope is up. I do love the ones other members display! They look fab.
  13. Mare Crisium It is a lunar mare, located just to the northeast of Mare Tranquillitatis, visible with the naked eye as a small dark spot on the edge of the moon's face. It has a very flat floor, with a ring of wrinkle ridges towards the outer boundaries, its diameter is 555km. It is the site of the crash-landing of Soviet Luna 15 probe in 1969. A soil sample from Mare Crisium was successfully brought to Earth on 22 August 1976 by the Soviet lunar mission Luna 24.
  14. Congratulation! Great scope, you will love it!
  15. Thank you. I love painting craters! I will actually try another one of Clavius Crater at some point! I think it is a beautiful crater! Here is my last one I've just finished. It features the Command/Service Module of Apollo 11. :-) brushes and paint are going back in the box now for a while.
  16. I am looking forward to that event too! I have taken a day off work :-) I will be planning a public outreach day in Ayr using equipment such as a simple DIY sun projector to the monster Lunt 152. Fingers crossed for good weather!!
  17. Very nice! Love your sketches!
  18. I ve chosen a selection of different subjects to show you. I'm running out of walls :-) hope you like them ? enjoy!
  19. Thank you for your kind feedback. I will happily post more of my paintings...
  20. Painting is my other hobby. Whenever I can, I combine astronomy and painting and tadaaaaa, astronomy related paintings get created :-) I hope you don't mind me sharing new stuff I have painted here. I am always looking for feedback and new ideas. Positive feedback is always welcome, negative ones.... we just don't mention them ;-) Only kidding. My favourite subject is the moon. Love the craters / shadows etc. Here is an acrylic painting of Clavius Crater I have just finished.
  21. I'm sure somebody closer by will have that telescope to look through :-).... But if you ever plan a trip to Ayrshire, your more than welcome. I'm planning a lot of solar outreach days this year.
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