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  1. I have a sky max 127 scope. I'll dig out the instruction manual and see if I have any more look tonight. I will use my DSLR camera to hopefully snap some deep space stuff and see how that goes.
  2. Hi all i have not posted for a while but to be fair I havent really done anything to do with astronomy for almost a year. The reason I am here is for help please. So I bought a advance vx mount well over a year ago but only just got it out to try tonight. So I set it to north and used the polar scope to align the starts or at least that was the idea. See I look through the polar scope and can not actually see the diagram it's too dark ( it is there of course) I can see the stars but nothing else. ( hope that makes sense ) the other issue I am having is that to lo
  3. Hi all is there any way of connecting a advance vx scope OTHER than the usual usb to serial ? this is causing many head aches because it working and now my stellairum says connected but wont move anything and also stellairum scope wont even give me my com port ???
  4. pc is windows 10 and laptop is windows 7 .
  5. 1 meter at maximum ... like i said they worked absolutely fine then all of a sudden none of my computers would detect it
  6. Hi all i haven't been doing very much with astronomy for almost a year and decided last week that i really miss it and need to get back into it. However i have always liked the idea of setting up a system to view and control my telescope from inside my warm house. so yesterday i was playing around with Stellarium setting up all my connections and making sure i could get the telescope to connect, after many many hours last night i finally managed to connect everything up via USB-to Com and finally my computer said connected !! YAY So at that point i obviously told Stellarium to slew my sco
  7. that just blew my mind away ??? lmfao i am just going to use manual focus ?
  8. OK guys as i am a very inpatient person i have been out today and bought a SIGMA 70-300mm macro lens. what do you guys think to this ? hoping i have made a wise choice on this one
  9. Hi gav, if you scroll up you'll find the photos that Leveye posted ... my photos look like the first pic ... i obviously want them to look like the second pic however i did know know that i had to take lots and lots of photos and stack them inn dss to achieve this ... so im going to have a go tonight
  10. at the top of registacks there is a button that says show full image click that it should do the trick
  11. i think your right i think im going to buy the bracket and take photos with the lens i have and learn the program side of things how ever i am still none the wiser of what kind of lens i should be looking around for .... is it a telephoto lens im looking for or is it a zoom lens ? either way there probably the same thing But do i got for a high mm lik 150mm or 200mm or less ? any help is always welcomed to a newbie like myself
  12. i have a alt az mount at the moment i am looking into an eq mount very soon my telescope fl is 1500mm and my digital camera is 18mm-55mm hence the upgrade need for camera
  13. no and im not going to lie i dont even know what a m42 lens is lmfao !!!!!! haha anything you could tell me about what it is or what it will do for me lol
  14. WOW guys thanks so much .... defiantly going to give that a go ... what the best procedure to take to photos ? is it a case of sitting there with the remote ? or is there some camera settings? this photo is amazing !!! so was it a video that you had converted to get that final photo ? if so could you give me an idea on what exactly i should do to get a similar result please thank you
  15. Could anyone recommend or suggest a lens for nebular and deep space ? i have a Nikon d3300 and would like a lens for good quality photos however i wouldn't like a bank loan
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