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  1. I set up last night for the first time in what feels like months. Perfect clear skies lovely. Just got everything aligned and was having a little glimps at Mars just to check everything when i noticed a V V bright thing streaming across the sky. Somehow managed to get the scope on it and had a look and it was ,ive no doubt, the space station! Never managed to get it in the eyepiece before it was amazing. i could clearly see the solar arrays and it looked huge! only lasted a minute or so from where i got it to it dissapearing into darkness but i was so impressed by it.\ It was so bright it was
  2. Perfect starter kit for astronomy on ebay if anyones interested. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/COMPLETE-MEADE-LX90-OBSERVATORY_W0QQitemZ110219098073QQihZ001QQcategoryZ3636QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. Inky Sorry for the lack of reply i have been so busy of late. For info the dew heater consists of two parts really the controller (which regulates the heat) and the strips which wrap around the scope to heat the corrector. In the end i went for Kendrick heater strips which are available at most online astro shops and a dewbuster controller which at the time was only available from the states. (try OPT). This is the first heater set up i have ever owned so cant really give you a comparison but at the time(and i believe it still is) it was the only system which actually regulated the temperatur
  4. Some usefull links http://www.mapug-astronomy.net/astrodesigns/mapug/CleanOps.htm http://www.meade.com/manuals/lx50/apxb.html http://sctscopes.net/SCT_Tips/Maintenance/Cleaning_Your_Optics/cleaning_your_optics.html This one contains the dr clay stuff its pretty damn good unfortunately you cant get all the ingredients in the uk but the methods and stuff are top job. Click on the link in red for ASO Cleaning System.rtf
  5. First things first, calm right down. im sure your scope will be fine and as you already said your views are still stunning so i really wouldnt worry about it. I have agonised for the whole 5 yrs of owning my sct about cleaning the corrector and have read so many brilliant bits of info on the various websites about this that i have since learned that unless it is really really badly dirty then you are not going to notice any difference and you will be better of putting up with the occasional mark as you can do more damage than good by constantly cleaning. Apparently it has to be really bad bef
  6. Just a quickie Im desperately in need of a decent wedge (have been for years)and should be coming into a bit of cash which my employer has owed me for an absolute age. So i have been looking again and keep coming back to the Mitty one. Just wondering if anyone on here has one, has used one, any opinions/alternatives etc? Its for an LX200 Any advice gratefully recieved Andy
  7. Martin You are a god Thanks very much for the effort it is most definitely appreciated i think its just what a lot of us need. Sorry for the very late reply Andy
  8. Just a thought but have you got the settings on the camera set to pc connection? im sure you have but thats all i can think of if the camera is denying access. Its in one of the main menus. If its any conselation im having the same problems at moment. If i set up my cam and pc in the lounge and set it to do say 10 long exposures automatically with dslrfocus it works a treat. If i set it up outside on the scope all nicely focused etc then it just wont do anything longer than 30s. its really starting to p me off now. Just gotta keep pluggin away though mate and all the trouble will make it more
  9. well it doesnt make any sense at all tome but i can believe it makes the frames much darker as that is exactly what im seeing. Andy
  10. There are quite a few usefull freeware programs on the web which can tell you roughly what sort of exposure times you should be using depending on object, aperture, seeing, skyglow etc if you do a google search you should find them (try astrexp by mike covington) if not pm me your email and i can send you a couple i have they are quite good. Andy
  11. That sounds plausible to me come to think of it most of the previous images i have attempted have had much longer exposures and have been brighter objects so even though the pics when converted were probably darker they were still just bright enough to find an alignment point. These ones are much darker due to the demise of my bulb cable. i wish i could find the time to sort it.
  12. Very nice well done mate. im trying for the same thing at the moment but seem to be struggling every step of the way. there just arent enough hours in the day/night for all this. Well done mate i bet your chuffed with that. Andy
  13. Thanks Martin i tried your advice and it worked up to a point. Seems a bit strange but i found when i do automatic processing the conversion does seem to wipe out any data in the frames. Even stretching everything brought nothing back at all. If i convert using the cannon dslr functions then all is good. nothing there again but it all comes back when i do some stretching. Bit odd really as i have always used the auto stuff and its always been ok. Didnt get much further than that as it took so long for me to work it out and then the tt came on. Cheers for the advice i will have to keep on tryin
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