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  1. Thanks, I'll take a look. Seems like the mount is out of stock in many places. The vendor I ordered it from said they should receive it 13.8. and then send it to me.
  2. Did you get the mount yet? I also ordered the mount two weeks ago. Hoping to get it soon!
  3. I finally got around to making a timelapse video of the still photos I took during the eclipse. Here it is.
  4. Wow, great job! Did you somehow automate capturing the mosaic or did you just slew the mount and capture data manually for each 80 panes?
  5. Hello! I traveled to the USA with my partner to witness "The Great American Eclipse", as the locals called it. We first spent a few days in New York and then went on a roadtrip down to Nashville. Two friends joined us there, and we ended up going to Gallatin, Tennessee to watch and photograph the event. We set up our gear on a Walmart parking lot hours before the eclipse to avoid any possible traffic jams. The weather was great, and we saw the eclipse from start to finish. I photographed it using a Canon EOS 60D, 300/4L and a Star Adventurer tracking mount. I controlled the camera with Eclipse
  6. Awesome work, especially for a DSLR!
  7. You are correct, there is a limit. If I remember correctly, it is 45 degrees. As far as I know, the only way to get rid of this is to power the mount off, move it to the home position (pointing to celestial north pole with the counterweights below the mount) and turn the mount back on. See e.g. here: http://ukastroimaging.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=64029.msg524092#msg524092
  8. Maybe post a thread on the official SGP forum? http://forum.mainsequencesoftware.com/
  9. The Finnish summer is over and autumn is here, so I can finally get back to imaging. I set up my gear at the Komakallio observatory in Kirkkonummi on Saturday, and managed to capture three hours worth of photons with an Atik 460EX CCD, TS Boren-Simon Powernewt 8" and Astrodon 5 nm narrowband filters. Clicking on the photo will take you to AstroBin. You can also find the image on my portfolio site: http://www.samulivuorinen.com/
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