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  1. Hi all, finally iv got some good weather in Poland. I went out with the AZ EQ5GT, i set up the timezone +1 for POland, latitude and longtitude, daylight saving - YES since i believe we still have it in that winter time. I have levelled the mount and a tripod, ive connected all the staff, i then polar alligned with polarscope and began the star alignment...I was really disappointed how far from the first target the mount slew...i had to keep RA with slew speed *9 pressed for couple of second until i got the first start in FOV...i centered it. Then it moved to second star which was definiatelly on the same meridian flip and it was off again!!! ... Auxiliary encoders were switched off... When i was then slewing to messier objects the mount was showing them absolutely not in the centre FOV but lets say - they were there but not centered... The HC soft is 4.37 so the newest...i have no idea whats going on and im thinking about returning the mount or at least sending it for guarantee....any suggestions? edit: i have entered wrong daylight saving - it should be no... but this parameter is changing the goto only by one hour and during one hour the star would move by around 15 degrees and the error while goto was bigger. Also after first start alignment, no mater if Daylight is ok or not - the second one should be much better - am i right?
  2. I have eos 40d full spectrum mod. So indeed, the chip is quite big...
  3. Can anyone share the picture taken with that scope but without coma corrector? I will be probably getting 130pds today but not enough money for the CC at the moment so jus by curiosity wnat to see if lack of CC will cause drama on the picture and how much of FOV will be not affected. Not much more money there is a 150pds which is not my target due to relative big focal lenght but on the other hand i believe it will give more of FOV not affected without the CC ?
  4. Dears, as no good weather is upcoming within days here in POland, and i have a brand new AZ EQ5GT waiting for first light, i was wondering if i can somehow check the PE without seeing the star. Im connecting the mount over synscan pilot and PHD sees it without an issue. Maybe i can do some artificial star and check the PE in PHD? Any ideas?
  5. Well, shutter speed indeed cause the picture is refreshed every 2s if set so, but i doubt the camera sensor is "opened" for such a time. Most probably i will switch either to ALCCD5 or SynGuider standalone...
  6. Kirien

    Hi from Poland

    Thank You all for warm welcome
  7. Kirien

    Hi from Poland

    Hi Sara - yep Im sure im gonna enjoy the time
  8. Hi Everyone. I got a spc900 unmod and id like to use it for autoguiding. As it is not moded for long exposures, it offers 5fps. I can easily see brighter stars but no way to see starts that are fainter than 3-4 mags im afraid. Acording to that, shall i use manual exposure and gain or switch to automatic gain control in PHD? Any of You using it for guiding?
  9. Below a Rosetta nebula done from urban skies in Poland.Star Adventurer + Canon 40d + 50mm 1.8 (f4.0) 45 X 180 sec. I love this little mount. Hands down for it considering portability. Consider limmitation to DSLR mostly if You pick it up. Its is not for scope rather as the 5kgs max weight is far to much even though its given in spec.
  10. Kirien

    Hi from Poland

    I will buy it Linda and share my thoughts 1st thing in the morning The only Iffy here is which morning its gonna be cause im flushed on azeq5 now Today im getting the polar scope - better this than nothing
  11. Kirien

    Hi from Poland

    hey hey Nice to join SGL community as i was browsing Your site long time ago already
  12. Kirien

    Hi from Poland

    Hi there! Warm welcome from cloudy Poland Im 30 and into the astronomy since i was a kid but not by far ago i managed to materialize my dreams. I started with synta6 dob and quickly understood thatt Astrophotography is the candy I started with 120/600 SW on EQ3-2 and single axis drive but results were not very satisfying so i moved to star adventurer and DSLR 40D + 55mm. Here i did some good step into the real world of AP. From 2 days im a happy owner of AZ EQ5GT. Nice sound, nice mount no scope...yep - i sold all i had to start with good mount. We'll see if future gets anything better than i had on star adventurer but im pretty sure it will. Now i need to start collecting money for scope (130/650 DS most probably + flattener) and some guiding aaand polar scope which in az eq5 is...external See You on subjected forum. Sorry for mistakes but im writing on a damn small keyboard of my netbook Peter
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