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  1. Hey, would this work for a dew shield?? BLACK Anti Non Slip Grip Liner Mat Rug Holder Car Dash on eBay (end time 19-Feb-11 09:13:23 GMT) thanks
  2. excellent, thanks for that guys
  3. Thinking of making one from a styrofoam camping mat from ebay...any advice on what kind though? Thickness etc (if that will even make any difference). Thanks
  4. Huge crappy letdown! was looking forward to this but bit of a waste. Woman in hawaii just keeps repeating the same thing. might go have a look for some early meteors! maybe tomorrow will be a bit better
  5. I've tried to give them a ring, but with crimbo getting close I cant seem to get through to them. And no replies from emails either
  6. Wanting to buy a dew shield from first light optics for my Meade 8" LX10, the different sizes on the website suggest I want the : To fit: 7” & 8” Mak / Sct (+£16.00) is this the right one? Do maks and SCT use the same size, with a bit of play for both? Any help would be appreciated
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. To be honest...I've had the scope a while and could do with upgrading it, and have also been looking at eq5's etc...the lx10 mount as I can remember stopped working only a few months after I bought it brand new, however I've only got into imaging the last year or so, and so didnt really mind. I think a new mount will be next then. Any suggestions on a good value autoguider for when I do manage to get a mount? Thx
  8. I'm a little lost regarding the equipment that is essential for imaging. I have an 8" LX10 and a canon 50d. At the mo i image through the scope with t-adapter etc...however, the tracking isnt great ( not sure if its the motor or the hand controller), however I may purchase a guide scope- am I right in assuming you can use an autoguider in the guide scope? Will this work ok? And im not sure on how autoguiders work...do they attach to the motor and your laptop, and communicate through PHD etc? If this is right would my setup of main scope with dslr and guide scope with autoguider work? Or do i need even more accessories? Sorry for all the questions....little lost....
  9. Thanks, I may have to have a stab at buying one
  10. Thanks for that! Is astrozap a good make for dew shields? Have you or anbody else got one?
  11. Hey guys again! Firstly merry xmas to all! Secondly, Im in need of some dew prevention for my 8" LX10. What's everyones views on the best solution? A dew heater/strip or a dew shield? Pros/cons? Also if anybody could point me into the right direction for buying either of these it'd be very helpful. Thank you
  12. Does anybody know of where I could possibly get my hands on some free diffraction spike brush tools for photoshop? Or if anyone would be so kind as to let me use theirs? PLEASEEE! thanks guys
  13. Im contemplating buying a focal reducer for my SCT (for xmas ), will be for a DSLR not CCD, any suggestions on which reducer is best? Meade, Celestron, Antares? Also, if you could point me to the cheapest place to buy it i'd be veryyyyyy greatful
  14. Pretty self-explanatory really....have a 12" mirror and need a secondary for it, anybody know of somewhere in the uk that sells them, at not too big a price preferably
  15. cloudwatcher any tips on how you brought out all the detail in the image? Just wavelet processing? Thanks
  16. Aha! answered pretty much everything for me! Thanks guys.
  17. Thanks for the reply, right I think i'm set on buying one now...only problems are I'm running Windows 7 so I might see if I can somehow emulate windows xp or if not I might have to duel-boot my pc with xp and do it that way. ALSO...with regards to your instructions on flashing...I understand your description on how to do it....but I don't understand what the link to PHILIPS SPC900NC uncovered is talking about?? Why do we need to open the webcam? Isn't flashing basically changing the software? Or am I missing something else? I appreciate the help though!!!
  18. hey its not I was actually looking for the post on sgl about these webcams for sale. Just wanted to read the posts regarding the cam, as I'm considering buying one as their so cheap, but I don't quit know how good they are for planetary/moon imaging, or if theirs any special equipment I will need to use it with. I have a dslr 50d at the moment which I use for planetary and dso's but keep reading that webcams and ccds are the way for planetary/lunar....any advice...
  19. can someone please post a link to the original post about these webcams for sale please! I've looked but for the life of me cant seem to find it -.-
  20. haha i know -.- I wanted to go to la palma observatory but didnt have the time and the gf wouldnt enjoy it too much oh well
  21. All over the sky, but always travelling away from perseus i believe
  22. It certainly is! Also, although its rather exensive at about £55 theirs a submarine journey that you can go on which I thought was blumming awesome!! And in costa teguise theirs a place called la terreza which makes THE nicest pizzas ever! ....god i miss lanzarote!
  23. was in lanzarote in march (costa teguise) and tbh not much has changed, still get sleazy salesman, most of the stuff looks like its been shipped from china and is of poor quality. In my opinion i'd save my money and put it towards a decent brand item back home...or a trip to good ol' timanfaya and the camels
  24. I'm considering doing a degree in photography, and was wondering whether through this degree, I could find work within the astronomy business? Such as working with the european space agency etc. Anybody have any views/ advice on this kind of thing?
  25. a couple of great replies there!! I shall strive to succeed! thanks for the help guys
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