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  1. Hello, I'm looking to buy a CCD camera for xmas. My current setup is; Meade LX200 12" Scope/mount with equatorial wedge. I currently image with a canon 5d mkii, and have obtained some good images with that, but hear CCD is the next step. I've never used a CCD before and have around £450 to spend on one, can anyone advise a good one at this price? Colour or mono? Whats the difference? Will my setup be suitable for CCD imaging? Will I need a guide camera? Any advice is appreciated!! P.s based in UK.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone!! Considering piggybacking the dslr on scope instead!
  3. Hello all, Currently my setup is a meade lx200 12" telescope, with an unmodified 5d mark ii for imaging. This gives me ok results. I'm considering buying a dedicated CCD, but don't fancy spending more than £500-£600 on one. For this price will it be worth it, will I notice any difference, I've not owned a ccd camera before so not really sure on what I'm buying! I would ideally like an all-round ccd, possible of doing DSO and planetary imaging. I've had a look at the Atik Titan, which looks ok, and I've read a couple of reviews, but what does everyone think? Any suggestions on better ccd's? Is it worth the upgrade? Many Thanks
  4. I've got a canon 5D, and have tried video recording in HD, but unfortunately (as far as I am aware) DSS doesn't recognise the file format, and this means converting the HD video to an AVI file, which would lose a lot of data, and make the HD quality obsolete. I'm also not sure if converting from HD to avi would produce a lesser quality image/video than a video simply recorded in avi to begin with...
  5. Ok, had a go with it last night, but still haven't had success!! Ill take you through the steps I took... 1) Mount the superwedge then the scope onto the wedge. 2) Pointed the mount to polaris, and set latitude on wedge to 53° (Leeds,UK) 3) Turned on autostar handset, went to 'Telescope:Mount' and changed it to 'Polar' as opposed to 'Alt-Az' 4) Went to 'Align' then 'easy', handset then said set telescope to home position. So I set latitude to 90° and RA to 0° then pushed enter. 5) Telescope moves to find polaris, but adjustments are required to centre it, and instructions say to use the wedge to make adjustments not the scope. 6) Polaris was centred using the wedge controls, and pushed 'Enter' and said 'Align Successful', however when you then use the GoTo feature it doesn't find the object properly. It's in the right area of the sky but not centred. Can anybody see anything I may be doing wrong? Or offer any suggestions please?! I have no doubt it's something I'm doing wrong, not a problem with the scope! Thanks in advance
  6. Hmm, I'll have a play around the next time it's clear, see if i have any luck!! Thanks guys.
  7. Hey guys and girls, I've just purchased a ultrawedge for my 12" LX200, and tried to mount it the other week but had no success at all with getting it to track! Just wondering if anyone could give me a very simple set of instructions for setting up the wedge, and getting it to track properly!! Many Thanks!!
  8. Ah, think I understand . Thanks for the advice, going out for a session in a bit, so will take some pics and have another go at stacking with DSS tonight
  9. Thanks for the replies, I am using prime focus with it. To be honest, it's the only thing I have for imaging short of buying a dedicated CCD, but as I use the camera for daytime imaging quite a bit I decided to go down this route. I'll have a check on the drizzle setting, but I'm pretty sure I turned this off when I first started using DSS.
  10. Hi, I'm hoping to do some DS imaging tonight of M51, I have a Canon 5d Mk2, and am wondering what settings I'm best using for the best final image. I intend on taking lights, darks, flats and bias, but my only issue is that Deep sky stacker has issues with the large file size of this camera, and often takes hours of stacking to finally crash , would I be best using the small RAW file size that canon has available? Or would that be a waste of the cameras performance? Any help from anyone using a DSLR for imaging would be greatly appreciated.
  11. No probs mate, thanks for taking the time to look though
  12. It's this one... http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/meade-lx200-acf-12inch-uhtc-coated_d4740.html I have the manual for it, which describes how to setup the goto, but doing it this way doesnt seem to work :s. I've also searched online for this problem but haven't really found much info, so was hoping at least someone on here had the same scope
  13. Hello guys, we've just purchased a new LX200 12" with goto. I've set it up and gone through the basic tracking process, but when I then select an object and push GOTO it just goes to a completely random place in the sky . Is there something you have to do before you begin the process of alignment and tracking? I've set the date, tried it starting at north, tried centering on different stars, pretty sure theres no magnetic problems being caused around me...I was just led to believe you turned it on and with the built in gps, date and magnetic compass it would set itself up and away I go, but this appears to not be the case ...any help please??????
  14. Umm...I've done a bit of imaging with my 8" lx10, using a Canon 5d, so know some of the ropes, so to speak, and I've got some alright images of DSO's planetary and lunar etc...but the tracking on that mount was awful. The problem is I do astronomy with my dad, and he wants a nice big scope for visual of the planets but I want a scope with a decent enough mount to allow for good DSO imaging. So..we're kinda stuck on what to go for (any suggestions greatly appreciated). Also, I wouldn't mind a CCD camera too ...
  15. Hmm, to be honest I think I may...very infortunately...have to give the 14inch a miss, the stand is just TOO expensive!...I think we're going to look at a 12 inch fully set up for both good visual and imaging. Just out of interest though Olly, what price is that Mesu stand?
  16. They are big!! Humpf...everything was going so well...thought I had found my dream scope I can't really warrant the extra few grand for the stand, was thinking I could just get an eq6 or something but guess not.
  17. I'm going to look at a 14" LX200 OTA tomorrow, but to be honest, I'm not sure what to mount it on! it weighs about 70 pounds, which is too heavy for eq6 etc, so what are my options??
  18. I'm looking to buy an SPC880/900 webcam for imaging, does anybody know if their are any cheap deals going for it at the moment as I know sometimes you can get it for under £10. Ideally with the nose adaptor included. Thanks
  19. You certainly may ...I'll look into that book...many thanks.
  20. haha...doesnt sound too good for me then... I also do take the image through my scope (8" lx10) and use a 2x barlow with a variable projection adapter with an eyepiece inside so the image size can be ok...
  21. ah would the image quality not be much better than a webcam though? I don't understand why webcams are used if a dslr is 15-20megapixels better
  22. Okay, so i have a canon 5d, im wanting to do some planetary imaging of saturn with it..I know many people use webcams for planetary images with the idea of taking a video and using the still images from this to stack, my question is.....would I be able to use the hd video function on my 5d to record saturn for say 10 mins...collect a thousand still images?? and then stack these on registax? I've had a quick go at recording but registax doesnt seem to recognise the file type (which is .mov) could I simply convert this video file to avi and carry on as normal? Also...with regards to the still images obtained from the video..what settings would they possess? Ie..would the still images have the settings of the original camera settings if I was to take a pic on manual? If you get me?
  23. Thanks for that, I'll look into a faster scope and new mount
  24. Hello, ok so I've been doing imaging...albeit crude...for a year or so now. I have a meade 8" lx10, and a canon 50d camera. At the moment, I'm using these two for prime focus imaging. However, the tracking isnt great on my mount, and i usually have to check the image on the camera for drift after every image taken. So...my tracking is miles off and I cant really stack images because of this. I'm just wondering exactly what else I will need to correct this? A) Buy a new mount with good tracking? eq5 etc... buy a guidescope to help track C) buy a guidescope with guidecam to help track D) any other suggestions? How much would it cost for a half decent guide camera? Can you use webcams as guidecams at all? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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