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  1. Hi, I use the same tank for my new telescope (not the same as yours). Used it only once (waiting for clear skies) and it was still ok after about 3 hours. I had some trouble the first time, turned out I forgot to level the mount. When I did, the GOTO worked great
  2. Hi Fredrik, welcome from me in Norway love your image!
  3. Thanks for your response, I'll look into the filter And yes, more data will be added. Would love to bring out those arms! Weather reports tells me there will be a chance next week
  4. Hi, Yeah it's with the 130pds will do! Maybe I'll get some inspiration in that thread as well!
  5. Thanks for the reply and the tip! I'll check it out later today
  6. Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out tonight!
  7. Thanks for your reply! Yup, I'm on my way, that's a good thing! I've taken both flats, bias and darks for the picture, so that bit is covered. Maybe I'll try to turn down ISO next time when gathering more data. A light pollution filter is not a bad idea, but it'll have to be some other time, just spent a small fortune on the telescope + mount, it's not cheap in Norway!
  8. Hi and thanks for the reply! I'll try the Gradient Xterminator, thanks for the tip!
  9. Thanks for the reply! I'll gather (lots) more data when the weather allows it! Since it's getting lighter outside it's just a small "window" at nights now to take pictures, it's a bit stressful heh heh
  10. Hi, Finally got my new scope up and running yesterday, first clear night in about two weeks! Shot Pleiades, Orion nebula and Andromeda. Two of them didn't need much processing in my eyes, but Andromeda is another story.. There is much light pollution and I only had time to get 11*30sec exposure (before it disappeared behind some mountains). I've got a free trial period of Photoshop and have tried working with levels and curves. But when I'm going to fix the background ("eye dropper" tool for black, Levels), the left side of the image is black/dark, and the right side is bright. If I use the eyedropper tool on the right side too, well, then my whole image is just black with a white blob in the middle. Can someone here give some concrete suggestions on what to do with this image, or is there no hope because of too much light pollution or too few exposures? If there is no hope of getting anything good from this, I'll wait until next clear night (sometime) and take more subs, maybe that's the only solution? Thanks so much in advance! PS: The image attached is a crop from the DSS result, not done anything yet in Photoshop here. And also, it's a crop since the real image is too big to be attached.
  11. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  12. Thanks again for your reply! I'll check out the video
  13. Thanks for your reply! Good news, that I don't have the wrong one! A step in the right direction Ok, so my hand control gives me some info about Polaris in the setup; it says Polaris position and Polaris Ha. So I should rotate R.A until Polaris is at the Polaris position given? Let's say it says 04.30, then I rotate R.A until it's at 4.30 in the clock face and then I'm done? Should R.A be locked in that position, or should I put it down again after? Maybe some stupid questions here, but I'm really looking forward to using it properly now when the weather is allowing it and I want to be prepared!
  14. Hi, I need some advice for polar alignment. Got my EQ3 pro mount recently and planned on using it during the weekend (clear skies!). But when I looked in the polar scope of the mount, it showed Octans and not the Big dipper. Does anyone know how to polar align in the northern hempisphere with a polar scope that seems to be made for southern hempisphere? Tried searching online for some help, seems that this type can be used in both hempispheres, and looked in the manual which only said that I should find the Big dipper.. (the pictures in manual had both constallations, which mine doesn't). Maybe someone here has the same type and habe done this before? Any help is much appreciated.
  15. Just captured this from my balcony Love watching the moon rise from behind the mountains.
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