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  1. Also, in the post mission briefing. Elon mention that they were literally welding it to the floor for the journey home. Some high seas were expected. Don't forget that the rocket is also empty by now, and all the weight is very close to the floor so it has a low center of gravity.
  2. Made a bit of a start on my guide scope. Plan is to use it in conjunction with kstars/indi. Started with a 9x50 finder, and currently in the process of modding that. Just finished the first part which is a Pi camera to 1.25" adapter. Laser cut mount, with an eyepiece tube from a spare 2x barlow. Need to decide if I can (or want to) adapt the finder scope, or just by an adapter for standard 1.25" fittings from Modern Astronomy.
  3. It was about all I got last night. Clouds kept coming in and covering everything else. Do think I managed to get the Beehive Cluster too, but I'm still a newbie and it may not have been (I did see something, but unless I know what it is I don't count it). Tonight it is meant to be a double shadow transit (Io/Europa) I believe. Hoping for a bit of clear sky. Tho need some more eyepieces to get better mag, doubt I'll see them with my scope.
  4. Awesome post, loads of details. For my 2p worth, Jupiter was first light on my first scope, on Friday (1st April). StarTravel 102, on an EQ5 (vastly over spec for that tube, but I want to do astrophotography) and even with just the eyepieces included I got a great view. With the 10mm EP and 2x barlow, could easily make out the four Galilean moons and (thanks to your diagram, I can name them) the north and south equatorial belts. No other real detail could be seen, but for my first attempt I was happy. Need to get some more eyepieces, and my camera attached,
  5. Me too. Ordered a NoIR version of it, rather than butchering the one I've got. Might help. Can try them both, and see which gives the best result. Do still need to finish off the guide camera 'mount' (currently some insulating tape!) and figure out how to mount that and the Pi to the camera (and the astroEQ). So many wires!
  6. A neater version of my AstroEQ done. Just need to make some brackets and get some gears. Still waiting for a clear night. If I did move back to windows, I'd probably have as many (if not more) problems than someone going the other way. Its all down to what you're used to. I've not even really seen windows 7, let alone used it. Someone asked me a question about windows 10 the other day. I just laughed.
  7. Was planning on doing something like that. A blog post at least. Its a steep learning curve, and I'm making notes of any stumbling blocks, etc. May do a whole "zero to full remote" type thing, using as much DIY as possible.
  8. Cool, very nice work! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute back a bit. Not much of a coder, but can certainly test and help with some documentation or similar.
  9. Ah, I've heard of it, but not looked into it yet. Sounds like it might be worth it. I've just noticed your location. Are you the developer of kstars, etc. and the author of all the videos I've been watching recently?
  10. I've already got pretty far with indilib rather than ascom before even getting my scope. With simple arduino programs and stepper drivers, etc. I can build a fully automated observatory if I wished (Oh, I wish...) I'm a linux/unix sysadmin by day, and there is no way on earth that I will be going back to windows now. Astroeq is nearly done, and so is the focuser (moonlite clone). Just need to make some brackets. Then next step is to design a filterwheel (or borrow someone else's design ). Registax and DSS both run with wine, and sounds like they're just as stable as in windows.
  11. Hah, last version of windows I ran at home was 95 I think. Been using Linux for over 20 years now. Take a look at indilib.org and kstars. Seems to work great, and supports a load of hardware, both commercial and DIY. The clouds cleared a little tonight, and managed to get the scope out into the garden. No polar alignment (couldn't see polaris!) but managed to point at jupiter and get some really nice views. Maxed out the mag with the lenses I've got at about x100.
  12. Yeah, most of my imaging will be remote with a camera. Just want a decent set of eyepieces for when I do do visual. Also looking at doing a DIY filter wheel, if for nothing else than to do auto dark and flats via scheduling on kstars/indilib. Next payday may be an astroconverted camera. Don't fancy DIYing that one myself.
  13. Heh, but you've already got the AstroEQ stuff working. I just make everything so much harder on myself by refusing to use windows. Have got some nice views of the wind turbine down by heysham powerstation tho. Tempted by your 18mm Starguider btw, if its still around on my next pay day at the end of the month.
  14. ..not that I had one anyway. Got my first telescope and mount yesterday (typical, thursday was a lovely day/night, telescope arrives on the friday and clouds for the next week at least), and spending today doing my first mods. I've managed to mod a 9x50 to fit a Raspberry Pi camera to it, and currently working on a DIY make of an astroeq. Both seem to be working ok, just need to make the mount/gears for the astroeq. Question is, buy nice shiney gears/belts, or dust off the old 3d printer and spend the next month getting that working again? The plan is to have everything running off a raspberry pi on the mount, with a DSLR, auto focuser (DIY), astroeq, and guide cam (Pi cam on 9x50). So far, apart from the actual proper gear (mount and scope), I've managed to do everything on a budget with parts I already had. Even dug out an old lappy to install linux and kstars on (work 'forgot' to collect my old laptop when they replaced it... oops). So now to play the astronomers game. Wait for decent conditions.
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