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  1. Is there no way to remove the nasty strange colors in it? I keep getting something similar to what you got.
  2. Sorry to bother you all but I REALLY can't seem to get the hang of processing. I thought I had it for a while but I came to realize that I am awful at it. So I have an image that has a lot of problems. It's not focused properly, The tracking isn't perfect, there is no calibration frames, and it's my first time attempting a wide field image. I've tried for several hours to get a reasonable image out of this data but I just can't! If someone could please process this for me to see if it's even possible to get a good picture out of this that would be amazing. If you do so, please include some details as to how you processed it. Thanks in advance! https://www.dropbox.com/s/rm1w5ns2tde6ojg/Untitled.tiff?dl=0
  3. I touched up the image a bit in Photoshop express (the iPhone app). I recommend this app to everyone it's really good on sharpening an astrophoto! 1) I increased clarity. 2) I increased sharpness (probably way too much). 3) I increased noise reduction. 4) Finally, I increased defog. When you zoom in you can really see some structure in there! Also I found a few faint galaxies here and there scattered around the image. It seems like I've got the hang of post processing, but the whole stretching an image thing gets me.
  4. I'm very happy with that kind of result, great job! I will certainly work on taking functional flats. Thanks! When I go on astrobin and look up "Leo Trio" there are some beautiful results and the description says it's only 1-2 hours of data. My pictures never look as beautiful as some of these even when I have the same amount of data. Are they just taking photos from a dark sky site or something? BTW, your post made me learn a lot. I didn't know what most of those phrases you used were. I looked them all up and watched quite a few tutorials and I'm getting way better at processing!
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ws41klevj0hu4gy/Stacked%20.png?dl=0 Here is the new link. I didn't have time to restack the file so I just converted the file instead. Star tools can take this file (I know its kind-of a strange format).
  6. That is exactly what I do except I don't put something over my scope. I usually just put my scope up to my monitor and take pictures with all of my lights off (to prevent stray light). The flats always turn out tinted slightly blue for some reason. When I turn my camera to AV mode it says something like "there is no lens on". I just pick an exposure and ISO that makes the histogram peak in the very middle of the screen. I've already taken down my whole setup, but next time I will try taking them with a white t-shirt around the scope.
  7. When I get home from school I will restack it and save it as a different file format. I forgot Startools doesn't take .tiff files. I used Nebulosity to stack (not DSS) the frames. I used 68 x 60s lights and 15 x 60s darks (unfortunately my flats didn't work well). I have only been using Startools for about a week or two and I find it easy to use and navigate around in but my results are pretty awful.
  8. The other night I imaged the Leo Triplet. I had about an hour of data for it, but I can't seem to process it very well. I used to use photoshop, but I recently moved to Startools. If anyone has the time please process one of these for me and give some of the details as to how you did it. Thanks in advance! Leo Trio: https://www.dropbox.com/s/khtiokwdgm4k6gs/Leo%20Trio%20Stacked.tiff?dl=0 Nejim
  9. ill work on getting Dss but I have Mac so it won't be easy!
  10. Yes star tools is very good. I can't get my files into it anymore though. I have only TIFF files and it won't accept them. Grrrrr
  11. I have a problem (As to be expected). My stacking software, Lynkeos, only saves in TIFF format. My processing software, Startools, doesn't accept FITS format. How convenient! Anyways, how can I get around this problem?
  12. You can get a focal reducer
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