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  1. I am currently using my ST80 for imaging. However, you'll never see me publish any of my efforts. Essentially, I am totally new to astro-imaging and after "reading before buying" have made my first big expenditure on the mount (I got an AZ EQ6-GT). The ST80 is meant to be my future guide scope. However, I have a big learning curve with the kit I have so before I expect to make any reasonable imaging I need to learn how to use what I have so far. To this end I picked up a cheap ST80 as the future guide scope and simply use it for imaging now (resulting images are really poor but that's not what I am looking to achieve right now). For actually guiding I have a standard 75mm C mount lens on a ToupTek AstroCam (again fairly cheap) but works. The combo of this plus ST80 and DSLR allow me to practice observing sessions. Whilst I learn the ropes I am saving for a decent APO. But living in Scotland and Summer approaching (the sky doesn't really go dark at night during Summer months up here) I won't need that for many months which is my time to learn as much as I can about what I have already got (and about processing). About the later (learning about post processing) it would be useful if a few of the seasoned experts published a few of their subs etc for us to practice on, because, obviously I'm not going to get any decent subs anytime soon
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    25 trillion miles on a scale of the Universe is nothing, it's just a wee tiny hop.
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