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  1. Subscribing to topic. Totally new to the subject of meteor detection via radio and looking forward to it, thanks for posting all this great information to help me get started.
  2. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm just starting out getting into this subject, totally new for me. I will have my yagi mounted this weekend (a 2m for Graves and a 6m for BRAMS). Unlike you people however, I'll be using my dongles with home made code using GNU Radio. My intention is to build a simple standalone recording system using either a ROCK64 or Raspberry Pi 3 B+ but that's some way off yet, I have a lot to learn. Forum threads like these are very useful indeed!
  3. I saw what you did there.... "over me 'ed", Astronomy, it's over all our heads
  4. The mis-spelling was intentional, that was the joke ;-)
  5. I'm in Pieces... can someone put me back together?
  6. Hmm indeed, my AZEQ6 also has backlash in DEC. I am lucky enough to use a Polemaster as the trees to my north are still low enough for the Polaris view (and should stay that way as they seem to have maxed out). I saw the other two photos you posted, you really are hemmed in there @johnrt The Alignmaster was just a suggestion, I haven't actually tried it but seem like the only computerised alternative to a Polemaster which could have helped. It's a shame others have noted it has issues.
  7. If it smokes but still works then it's highly likely to be the PSU breaking down in some way. There's little else in there with the power to burn stuff.
  8. Hi John Perhaps this may help? Regards, --Andy http://www.alignmaster.de/Download.aspx
  9. This is not what I am hearing:- http://indilib.org/forum/general/1303-did-something-really-stupid-now-cant-start-indi.html?start=6 What leads you to believe it's heading in that direction?
  10. Correct. I will do the work to ask Indi maintainers to pull it into their repo at some point, but before I do that I need at least another pair of eyeballs on it, that's where you come in I fully expect feedback from you in the form "this doesn't work", "this doesn't work as I expect" or "this is great! But can I also have it do foo as well please?". Lets get it polished up. Then we'll go for inclusion in the main code base of Indi
  11. https://github.com/A-j-K/hitecastrodcfocuser Note, I did an "in tree build" with the INDI source tree. The repo up there is an "out of tree" build. Let me know how you get on (please use the Github issue tracker and not this forum thread to discuss the driver, building and installing as that way future people will find the discussions we have in the right place, where the code is, buried in a forum here helps no future people )
  12. Doing a "whois" on their domain name gives:- Wildwest domains... seriously? Are they having a laugh?
  13. @Vox45 @JamesF @perfrej @Gina OK, I have a working version of the HitecAtroDCFocuser now. Well, it moves anyway. Can control the slew speed and number of steps. The HitecAstro software allows for the slew speed to be set from 1 to 100. I matched this. However, I have found that values below 25 don't appear to deliver enough power to the motor to overcome even it's own gear train (found with my Indi driver and their own branded software). However, I will leave the min/max at 1/100 as per their software as other people may have different tolerances on their hardware (btw, I am using a 10 Amp bench power supply so it's not a dead battery!). On a side note, I am going to start working on Indi more. In discussions with the maintainers I am starting by adding unit/integration tests and Travis CI integration. Fun times ahead
  14. Ah, this is pleasant music to my eyes (eh, did I mix my metas?). I'm a big fan of Github and it's Fork/PR development workflow.
  15. I will wait a day or two then. In the mean time you'll all be glad to hear I now have the USB HID Class Reports for controlling the focuser It was pretty basic. [edit: by reverse eng using an Ellisys Explorer. I haven't heard back for HitecAstro officially.]
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