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  1. Great stuff thanks, Solaris app especially cool!!
  2. Hmmm so it was probably visible over most of the UK. Very interesting. I too have seen my share of meteorites and satellites (and Chinese Lanterns!) and this was most definitely none of them. Weirdest thing is just after it fizzled out 2 nearby churches both started ringing their bells. The second coming perhaps?
  3. Dude I saw the exact same thing just after 11pm, also moving west to east. Very bright at first (like Sirius but much brighter and bigger) and travelling roughly same speed as aircraft do, but defo not aircraft as no flashing lights. Then started fading out while still quite high in the sky. Checked Heavens Above site but nearest Iridium was an hour later and moving North - South. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't all Iridium's travel N-S anyway? Would really like to know what this was, very excited after seeing it!! Where were you viewing from? I was in Tunbridge Wells, Kent at the time, 51 degrees N.
  4. and go for an Android phone instead, much more bang for buck than iPhones! HTC Desire or Legend are the current iPhone slayers on the market...
  5. I saw something last night which I think is most probably an Iridium flare. Thought it was a plane at first but then noticed it had no flashing lights, just one very bright white light, like Sirius but bigger and brighter. But it was moving around same speed as an aircraft and then slowly died in intensity while still high up in the sky. Also travelled from West to East. Could this well be an Iridium flare? Don't they just travel roughly North-South?
  6. @Earl_uk - good taste!! I like the sounds & silence of nature when observing but for those who use MP3 players give the Delerium albums Spheres I and Spheres II a listen, very trippy with song titles like "Dark Matter" and "Monolith" mixed with samples of 2001: A Space Oddysey.
  7. Use it on an HTC Hero as well, great as a field tool, rarely use my star map and red torch anymore.
  8. wow this is truly amazing!! once it zooms back to earth you wonder how we can still wage war and behave so selfishly when we are surrounded by beauty in a perfect universe...
  9. Thanks guys, I am now sold on the clickstop and very excited!! Let the spending, I mean saving commence...
  10. After chatting to the guys at the Astronomia stand at Astrofest and nearly forking out for basic eyepiece upgrades to my Sky-Watcher kit 10mm + 25mm pieces I came across the Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom and thought WOW!! Not only does it pretty much cover every EP setting I need but can also thread a DSLR directly into it for EP projection photography! Can anyone recommend this EP or any reason I shouldn't go for it? Is the same true with EPs as with SLR lenses that a prime focus lens of say 32mm will deliver much better optics as a zoom lens at the same setting? Or will the Baader Zoom perform excellently at all settings and deliver great shots with an SLR? Just need to start saving now!
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