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  1. Really new to imaging with a DSLR through telepscope ( to be honest really new to using a DSLR} all previous attempts were with a mobile phone. I borrowed a friends Canon 450d and spent the night imaging the moon. The attached picture is the final result with a Canon 450d mounted onto a celestron powerseeker 128q. 16 shots stacked in registax 6 and proccessed in Gimp2. CC's welcome
  2. Hi Yamez, this pic was taken about 4 oclock in the morning when Saturn was at its highest, about 35 degrees above horizon. I used a standard 4mm with a blue planet filter.
  3. Brilliant images, im just starting out with astro photography and take my images with mobile phone, heres my Saturn taken 16 may with 5 inch newtonian
  4. Well i just returned from a weeks holiday in North Wales. I took my scope along hoping to have some clear skies. Well as per UK weather only had one clear night. I set everything up and looked up at the night sky expecting the ussual suspects. Well i got a suprise the sky was much darker here than at home. There must have been 3 times more visible stars than i am used too and yes i got totally lost. It took me a while to get my bearings but without any idea of what i wanted to see and the excitement of seeing darker skies i never really got see anything new. Except for the spiral cluster which i could make out with the naked eye so explored that for a bit (which was quite amazing) then it was back to Jupiter and orions nebulae. So i think its time i sat down and started planning some sessions. Very big lesson learned ?
  5. What a great thread, conditions to view jupiter last night werre awesome. I was only planning an hour or so and ended up still out there early hours this morning.
  6. I have the same scope as you. I agree the slow motion controls can be a bit awkward. Otherwise i'm finding it a good introduction into telescopes. I have viewed jupiter on many occasions and also took photos using my mobile phone - sse below. Sorry cant actually answer your question as i am currently looking at getting better pictures with my current scope. A motor drive and new lenses on my shopping list.
  7. Be patient when viewing, sometimes i cant properly make out the 2 main belts until after about 15 mins of viewing. Also like said previously using filters can help. I have 4 cheap colour filters which do reduce the glair. I have a 127mm reflector and using a 4mm eyepeice i can make out the 2 main bands as well as the poles. With patience and good conditions i can make out some fainter bands as well.
  8. Beautiful clear skies in manchester tonight. Will be out for a few hours yet i think. Jupiter is looking awesome tonight???
  9. Jupiter is awesome, i will never forget seeing it for the first time. I never finish a viewing session now without having a look. And the good thing about jupiter and the moons is they are always different thay are constantly changing ?
  10. Haha i use astropanel app it also says clear skies for Manchester tonight. It has a habit of being wrong lol ?
  11. Congratulations (said with a bit of jealousy ?) i have yet to see saturn as rises at stupid o'clock in my part of the world at the moment. Cant wait to view it though and experience everyone elses excitement.
  12. Thanks Peter i'll add that to my ever increasing shopping list ?
  13. Here is an image of jupiter i have already taken
  14. Hi, i am an absolute begginer and only got my first telescope 3 months ago (celestron powerseeker 127eq) and have not been able to put it down.every opportunity i get i'm in the back garden till early hours. My 3 favourite targets at the moment are jupiter, orion and pleiades. I started taking pictures of Jupiter and the moon with my mobile but found i could not keep the phone still so i purchased a fairly cheap phone mount that fits onto the eyepiece. I get much better results. However the excitement of getting better images is starting to get the better of me. My budget isnt brilliant but would like to know what would be the best step up from a mobile phone for a beginner. Also any links to help and guidance would be helpful.
  15. Thats a great image. I only got my first scope a couple a months ago (celstron poweseeker 127eq) i know its had some bad reviews but im finding it amazing. I have spent most of time so far viewing jupiter and have also started taking images with my mobile phone. I purchased a great little phone mount that fits onto the eyepiece. Heres my effort
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