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  1. Is there something you would recommend...a blanket perhaps? Many thanks for the advice...for me this is a very new hobby - so every day is a school day!
  2. Ok - just posted some photos in the DIY obsy section....be gentle folks its my baby....
  3. Here are some images of the project so far. I have used a Keter 'store it out Max' - the idea being that from the outside it looks like where we keep the kids bikes or the mower. Inside I keep me baby....130mm reflector. I have set the tripod so that when I place two tripod legs up against the bottom of the floor it is aligned. Other features include a mirror image moon map, a plastic 'sleeve' where I keep my planisphere when observing, a little stool on which I place my tray of eye pieces and a red cycle light I can use to see when setting things up. I'm still planning some more mods....maybe a fold out table and a cup holder - oh and I want to think of a name for the observatory too!
  4. I haven't posted any yet....need to get it finished first!
  5. I managed to get some time last night to use my back garden 'micro observatory' for the first time. Was planning on spending half an hour or so observing the moon (trying to work out the Apollo landing sites..!) but very soon I was distracted by Jupiter - the viewing conditions last night must have been very stable- I was clearly able to see the 'bands' on jupiter and 3 of its moons...its the best view I've had of Jupiter - and I was bouncing up and down!!! Tried to explain the jubilation to the wife.....she just didn't get it!!
  6. I move the scope just in front of the store, but leave it open, as this gives a slightly better view of the sky - but also gives me more room to move around the scope. I have tacked up some plastic wallets inside the store, and use these to put my planisphere, so I don't drop it on the floor. I polar aligned the scope so that two of the tripod legs butt up against the floor of the store, so that next time I don't have to align the scope, just put it back in the same position. I'm pretty new to all this so it's very much a learning / sick it and see experience!
  7. Got out tonight and managed to try out my 'mini observatory' - well it's not really, it's a Keter Store It Out, where I am keeping my scope. It means I don't have to wait for it to cool down! I used my 130 dobsonian, and got some great views of the moon, Orion and it's nebula (I think that's what it was - almost a cloud around the stars on his dagger). Also managed a sneaky peak at Jupiter....really pleased with the set up!
  8. Thanks guys - will look into the Baader filter....
  9. Hi there - I've just joined the forum (it seems to have tons of content!) and I have a question. I live in Bedfordshire, and the skys have light pollution from nearby towns. Are there any filters I can attach to my eyepiece that will 'remove' some of this annoyance? Oh - I have a 130mm Dob reflector, and a small 70mm travel scope..... thanks guys Neil
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