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  1. Hi All
    So this is my first attempt at combining HA with RGB. The RGB images are from last Winter & the HA was taken a few nights back. Tough with a DSLR but achievable & i'm quietly pleased with the results ?
    20 x 300 sec RGB @ iso 800
    5x 600 sec HA @ iso 800
    10x 900 sec HA @ iso 800
    15 x dark frames
    20 x bias frames
    Total integration time - 4 hrs 55 mins
    Gear used:
     Skywatcher 80ed-ds pro, Canon 700da, Astronomik CLS clip filter, Optolong 7nm ha filter, Skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount
    Stacked in DSS & finished in PS ?

    Rosette HA Comp.jpg

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  2. Morning all :-)
    Yep it's the Orion neb and co again but what a beautiful sight eh? 
    Around 9 hrs total exposure time at ISO 400 and taken with a Skywatcher 80ED-ds pro, Canon 700da, HEQ5 mount on a home made pier.
    Can't seem to get rid of the bloat on the brighter stars. Maybe I need to check my scopes alignment? Anyway, for a newbie I'm pleased with the results. :-)
    Feedback more than welcome.
    Clear skies

    Orion & Running Man Neb.jpg

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  3. Hi all

    Bit of a strange one this. I use a QHY 5 mono II for guiding though PHD 2. When adjusting the gain (which is set to 12% as default ) via PHD nothing happens. and my average snr remains at around 11 on the brighter stars.
    When performing say a polar alignment in Sharpcap the camera works perfectly and i can see plenty of stars.
    Now I've noticed that if I adjust the gain within Sharpcap, close the program then open PHD and connect as normal there is a huge increase in gain and  star snr averages around 30.  Adjusting gain within PHD though still has no effect.
    Has anyone else had this problem, could it be a Ascom driver issue?

  4. Morning all and a happy new year to all :-)
    So, with a gap in the clouds I was able to get a decent shot of our nearest & dearest.
    4 shots stitched in Photoshop, Skywatcher 80ED-DS, 2.25 barlow, modded Canon 700d :-)
    Clear skies

    LIGHT_Tv160s_100iso_+31c_20180101-21h53m29s598ms-Pano copy.jpg

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  5. Afternoon folks, taken in the wee hours of this morning. Although skies were clear seeing conditions were not at there best 1f642.png:-)
    31x 300's, iso 800 subs
    15x darks
    15x bias
    Total integration time: 2.5 hrs
    Kit used:
    Skywatcher 80ed-DS F7.5, Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount, home made garden pier, Canon 700d modded, cls clip filter.
    EQ Mod, PHD2, Stellarium, Backyard EOS, Deep Space Stacker, Photoshop.
    ....and here's to more clear skies :-)

    Rosette Neb.jpg

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