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  1. Thanks Ian, well I've ordered the Baader barlow so let's see what happens :-)
  2. Thanks Steve, much appreciated. In the meantime I've managed to 'bodge' something up using the celestron universal barlow and a cheap plastic 3x barlow with lens removed as my extension tube. I'm now able to reach focus. This is the result Pretty chuffed if I'm honest :-)
  3. & just to add, when I look at Jupiter it is very bright but also tiny, i mean pea sized, I can see the four moons. So would a barlow increase the image size of the planet? Sorry, I'm a complete beginner so no laughing lol ;-)
  4. Any idea what length I need? I already have a Celestron barlow T-adapter. Thanks for your help Steve
  5. Thanks for the quick reply :-) Ok, so with the moon the whole image is just a blur and with Jupiter it's a blurred white disc of of light. The focus tube is fully extended :-)
  6. Good morning all :-) At last the clouds have cleared which meant only one thing, time to try out my new scope! I'm a complete amateur and Ive only been doing this since the turn of the year so I'm pleased with my attempt but I want to take it a step further and shoot Jupiter. Before I go any further this is my setup. Skywatcher Evostar 80ED 80ED DS-Pro OTA on a standard EQ mount (I know, the mount is more important than the scope. Upgrading very soon ;-) ) A Canon 600d, unmodded. So this shot was at prime focus but I would like to try eyepiece projection. Ive tried with a barlow but cant get the moon into focus so my question is what do I need to achieve focus. Thanks guys, this is a great place to learn :-)
  7. Good evening all I currently have a Celestron Powerseeker 127 EQ. I brought it new a few years back. After trying it out it, like many other scopes sat in my front room collecting dust. At the turn of the year I decided to get it out & have another try. It was ok at shots of the moon but that's pretty much where it ends. Trying to view planets such as Jupiter is near impossible, it's almost like a pea in the eyepiece. I could see some of the moons but no detail in the planet, focusing is also a real problem. The slow motion controls are next to useless and as for the tripod, don't get me started! It's really put me off but I love photography and really want to get some good shots, so my question is can you guys recommend a good scope. I know it's a good idea to have auto tracking and my budget is around £500 Here is a shot of the moon I did earlier in the year. Thanks in advance :-) Steve
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