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  1. Thanks Sean, no filters apart from my CLS clip filter. The QHY5 is used for guiding only. Seeing was very good down here so I guess that really helps, (im no expert) I'm a landscape photographer so the experience I've gained in post processing has helped here...I think (and watching lots of youtube vids ;-) ) I've found that lower ISO's and longer exposures (if your mount allows) equals more detail and less noise and it's the noise that strips the detail so with that in mind I never go above iso 800, preferably 400. Of course this varies from target to target, camera to camera, ambient temps, light pollution etc. I try to aim for 120-300secs at iso 800, 600-800 secs iso400. I'm very much a newbie to the astrophotography world so if anyone wants to jump in and add to or correct me please feel free. This is just my own experience :-) Steve
  2. Yes Carole had to work hard on them! Think I'll run a few short exposures and blend them in :-)
  3. Thanks guys, just need a reducer/flattener now...oh, and a HA filter would be nice too! :-)
  4. Like most here I was glad to finally see some...I'll say it quietly...clear skies..!! This is a first attempt at imaging this beautiful part of the sky. 20 x 5 minute light frames 15x dark frames 15x bias frames Stacked in DSS and finished in PS :-) Steve
  5. Thank you, yes I did go a bit over :-)
  6. Thanks Craney, we all have to start somewhere eh? :-)
  7. Hi all Looking at some of the amazing images posted here I've resisted posting one of mine until now. Not the best but I'm chuffed with the result. Things can only get better (once I've sourced a replacement mount!) Constructive feedback welcome and encouraged :-) Kit: SW ED 80 pro Astro modded Canon 700d with CLS clip filter QHY 5II mono for guiding EQ5 pro mount Shot: 10x 300sec subs 8x Darks 8x Bias No flats
  8. Hi Paul and thanks for the reply. Would you take £400 and can you post. Don't really need the tripod Regards Steve
  9. My EQ5 pro head has finally given up the ghost and with all the clear skies we've had lately I'm desperately looking to get up and running as soon as. I still have the motors from the original mount and these are working fine so only need the head, no tripod as I have a peer. Now I know the HEQ5 second hand is as rare as rocking horse teeth BUT! if you have one I'll break your arm off for it ;-) or I'll happily settle for the EQ5 as I only load it with a SW ED 80 pro, finder and Canon 700d. Please help a desperate man in his hour of need! :-) Thanks for looking and clear skies!
  10. Good morning all, as the title says, cash waiting :-) Steve
  11. I just keep a check on the satellite images. If I see a break then out goes the scope! lol All being well I'll get to try out my modded 700d & CLS clip in filter. I'm a complete newbie and up until now I've been using a Canon 5d mkII unmodded. Going to try for the Rosette and then the iris nebula later. Yep, it's going to be a late one! :-)
  12. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. No filters used, should I get one?
  13. Thanks guys, will try again tonight if skies allow and in a darker area :-)
  14. Hi all, as the title says this is my first proper attempt at Jupiter. Think the focus isn't that great plus light pollution doesn't help but nonetheless I'm happy with it Kit used: Skywatcher 80 ED Pro on a Skywatcher EQ 5 Pro mount. Philips Toucam PCVC840K PCVC 840K flashed to SPC900NC Sharpcap and processed in RegiStax. :-) jup 26.04.bmp
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