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  1. I'd had a look at M27 last month and I guess I was expecting similar on the Cocoon. I'll give it another go when I'm sure everything else is spot on, if there's still nothing I guess it's the nature of the target.
  2. I'd taken some Ha of the Cocoon a few weeks ago and tried some OIII to go with it last night and got, absolutely nothing! Tried 15min subs, the same as I'd done before for the Ha and got just the faintest smudge so I was on the target! Then rain appeared so packed up quickly without getting chance to slew and try a few other targets for comparison. Was I fooling myself or was there high cloud or something else about? Do Ha and OIII appear in some sort of 'ratio'?
  3. No, you don't 'need' serial and USB, it works fine when I select virtual control and just use the USB. The worry would be amp glow but on my 1000D I've never seen any. When I do use USB and serial I just select whatever com port my USB-232 converter has been installed at.
  4. I normally use my Canon 1000D with just the USB connected for both control and image transfer. As I understand it I can use virtual control which simulates mirror lockup using the Liveview function but this means there can be some heating and possible amp glow in the camera, though I've never seen it in 10min subs. However, if I'm on a wobbly mount I'll connect my serial lead aswell as the USB to get proper mirror lockup and anti vibration pauses via the comport. Is that right?
  5. Glider


    Clint Skywatcher?
  6. Thanks Rob, I used the spikes in Noels Actions, I'll look up the ones you mention.
  7. 4 hours of 4min subs on IC1396 over the last 2 nights. Astronomiser modified Canon 1000D/WO FF-FR 0.8x II/SW LP filter/WO ZS66 Petzval. DSI II/ST80/PHD guided on dual bar with HEQ5 Synscan Pro. Stacked in DSS with 100 bias, 30 darks and 40 flats. Processed in CS3, levels and curves and Noels Actions.
  8. 3 hours on IC1396, get it whilst you can!
  9. Hi, basically I have followed this website, Cannistra Bicolor Narrowband Technique.
  10. Thanks Komet, it passes. Hope you are enjoying yours.
  11. A few weeks ago I posted 2 hours of Ha on NGC6888. Since then I've added another 3 hours of Ha and 4 hours of OIII. All 10min subs from an Atik 16ic through an ED80. finderguider/SPC900/PHD guiding on HEQ5 Synscan Pro. Stacked with flats but no darks or bias in DSS, then processed in CS3. I've followed the Ha Red, synthetic green, OIII blue approach.
  12. I recently acquired a modified Canon 1000D from a member on this forum. The other night I gave it it's first outing. Astronomiser Canon 1000D/WO ZS 66 Petzval with WO FF/FR 0.8 II. 70 off 2 minute subs, finderguider/SPC900/PHD on HEQ5 Synscan Pro. Next day I added in 40 off flats. No darks, no bias. Stacked in DSS and post processed in CS3.
  13. So you are guiding on the comet? Is it saturated?
  14. In 3, what do you select for camera white balance?
  15. 90 mins narrow band so far. Fingers crossed can't see any cloud coming yet.
  16. Depending on the mount some of this might not apply. If it has one, look through the polarscope and check the reticule isn't cracked. Check the polarscope illuminator comes on. Check the version of hand controller and motor software if it has one. SW V3 handsets can be upgraded, V2 can't. Make sure it comes with the handset holder and the handset to PC cable.
  17. Cats! It'll be cats with opposable thumbs. I've seen the advert on the TV and think we should all be worried.
  18. It actually has the words Recommended for 66 APO printed on the side, I'm assuming that covers the Petzval!
  19. I use the ZS66 Petzval with 0.8 FR/FF II and Canon 1000D. I get focus OK, 10mm travel to spare.
  20. The one thing I notice about the way you do things is that you, "export as 8bit tiff file into Photoshop". I used to do this to get data into GIMP, which is free but only 8bit. Photoshop will take 16 bit. Can your camera capture 16 bit images? Don't you loose a lot of resolution doing that at such an early stage.
  21. Interesting, just realised that mine has disappeared too.
  22. CG5-GT? I think you'll struggle with a 200P and an ST80 on it, I struggled with those on my HEQ5 and didn't try on my CG5-GT.
  23. What Peter said ^^^^, my 8" has more and bigger and I just don't see them visually or in images.
  24. That must have been the bit of artistic license then. Shame, Bodell's shack sounded like a cool place in the novel.
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