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  1. Just trying to imagine what could affect one corner:icon_scratch:, if in fact it is just one corner.
  2. Yep, a splodge in one corner perhaps.
  3. I was going to say something like the chip not being down flat on the camera circuit board but then the distortion would be over the whole FOV. Almost sounds like window is not same thickness in one corner, or part of a protective film has been left on?????
  4. My very thought, have seen at least half a dozen people on here wishing for one.
  5. Andy, as an aside, the radial guider is spot on!
  6. T226 - Doc (paid) T227 - Glider (paid) T239 - Kh3ldar (paid)
  7. First one has more depth I think.
  8. I had forgotten I'd taken these whilst testing a new Atik 16ic/Atik MFW/Brightstar radial guider combination and just got around to processing the subs. I think at the time I was just happy everything screwed together, came to focus and guided OK. 1 hour of 10min subs in Ha and 2 hours of 10min subs in OIII, stacked in DSS and then processed as; Ha-red, synthetic green, OIII-blue in CS3. ED80 on HEQ5 Synscan Pro.
  9. Hi Dave, we did actualy think of you at Kelling last week, your old pitch under the tree was empty.
  10. Last night was the East Midlands Stargazers Autumn Equinox meeting at Belper Cricket club. In total we had 8 to 10 scopes set up and 15 to 20 members present, subject to a beer at the pub in Belper beforehand. Whilst most people were observing Messier, comets and planets I set up on the far side of the club house to get a Milky Way wide field. I used my modified Canon 1000D, with its standard 50mm lens on my old grab and go Bresser mount with single RA clock motor. The image is 20 off 2min subs, stacked in DSS, pointing West(ish). I've done some processing in CS3 and Celeste had kindly processed out the sky glow of Stoke in the bottom right corner that otherwise ruined the image. PhilJ informs me that my random attempt at imaging a 'fluffy bit', actually caught the Sadr and NA regions.
  11. Wow, how did you do that Celeste? You've cut 15min of my journey time up the A50 to Stone!
  12. Darks and flats might have been sensible but I was just having some fun. I'm sure someone better than me with Photoshop could get rid of 'Stoke' bottom right.
  13. Just to make Brantuk sick:eek:, this is the Milky way from last night, 20 off 2 minute subs using the standard lens on my modified Canon 1000D, on my Bresser EQ2 thingy with a single clock motor, sorry Kim! I just pointed at a fluffy bit in the west to see what I could get. Stacked in DSS with a few levels and curves in CS3. A bit of LP bottom left but Stoke can't be helped. So in answer to my own question, yes you can see the Milky Way from the Dark Site.
  14. Now that fighter doing his practise run in was spectacular.
  15. The fruits of my nightly labors; Horse Head, M31 and M45.
  16. I've got 3 off 2" thick by 2'x2' slabs lying around. I'm planning to dig a hole 3'x3' by 1' deep. Then I'll hammer in rebar at various angles and leave 2" sticking up. I'll then layer 2" concrete, slab, 2" concrete, slab, 2" concrete and final slab. Then raw bolt the pier down. Does that sound like a reasonable plan?
  17. Another excellent star party, it was good to see all you guys. A leisurely 3 hour drive down to Kelling on thursday, arrived early afternoon in convoy with Red Dwalf. Set up tents, then a pizza from the onsite cafe, then 3 hours imaging on M31. Friday took steam train to Sherringham with Mr and Mrs Baz, spent a afternoon wandering around and ended up in the sea front pub, missed last train back and ended up getting a taxi! Imaged some Veil that night, played with Docs new scope and mount, nice bottle of red. Saturday visited trade and buy and sell stands. Went into Sherringham for stuff for BBQ. 15 people for a BBQ then at about midnight started 3 hours imaging on M45. Several Speckled Hen and a bottle of red. Started 2 hours on Horsehead at about 4am, went round to wake Brantuk up for a coffee, and observing with Rusty Strmgs untill 6am. 3 hours sleep and then up for full breakfast with Red Dwalf. Packed up and then get home 3pm after steady 3 hour journey back.
  18. Glider and Red Dwalf are setting off now, see you soon.
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